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Feast of Legends (a free Wendy's-centric TTRPG)




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I’d play it. I’ll have free time in november, anyone want to start the campaign then?



As to a campaign, I might be interested reading through it but I have a bunch of things going on.


it’s fantastic marketing. It’s something weird and free, yet well done so it sticks in people’s minds better.


I’m down for next month, provided that the computer craziness gets done this month. stress




I might be interested in playing. I’ve been trying to gather a group for classic d and d, but nothing really happened with that, so maybe if anything I might join for this. I would much prefer to play the classic first before I would touch this, but if something can be organized, maybe those interested in the classic can play that as well. I just know that I want to start playing some d and d with people. Some sites to play are roll20 and fantasy grounds.


have you played much d&d before?


I have not. But I’ve tried learning some of the rules and tried playing it a little. There’s so many rules! I tried to DM and play as a character. It wasn’t easy. I’ve been dying to play though.


I highly recommend 5e. Not so many rules as in previous editions. 5e decided to go rules-light, leaving a lot of minutia to common sense / DM fiat. I think they mostly did a good job of it, but there are definitely a few places where they ran up against the limits of natural language.

That is, they attempted to say a specific thing in a concise way and wanted everyone to read it the way they intended. But it’s more like they started with a paragraph, whittled it down to a sentence, and expected the audience to intuit the invisible sentences that used to be there to give context because it’s still in their heads giving them the context.

What they really needed was to explain the rules in a coding language that left no room for interpretation, but that would defeat the point of an edition that’s trying to open up the community, so I can see why they didn’t.

5e is still the best edition so far, IMHO.


I have the starter kit which uses 5e and it’s still a lot. But it is quite helpful though. Would love to get the essentials kit, but I’m flat broke.


Oh Noes!!! They didn’t!!!


The free, downloadable 5e “basic” rules are a complete rule set that can be used to run an entire campaign from level 1 to 20. If I recall, they left out a number of classes, subclasses, and spells, but the rules for playing the game are not dumbed-down.


Exactly. It was more limited, but the rules were still very in depth. Cutting out crucial details would be a mistake and I’m glad that they didn’t leave out the important details. The nice thing is that there is the free downloadable pdf’s on Wizards of the Coast’s website to cover the extra character creation builds that the kit is missing.


Agreed. it is by far the most streamlined experience you will get (if you think 5e is bad look at Pathfinder 1.0), and is the most new player friendly. It’s a ton of fun IMO, but I do find the extra resources and options for class choices in later books more fun. I like having more “out there” choices sometimes.


Hey now, pathfinder just caught a bad case of the ‘too many expansionitis’, something I refuse to believe it got from anyone other than who I consider patient zero of that disease: D&D 3.5.

If you want something really easy… Try one of the games with a stronger narrative focus. Call of Cthulhu seems really daunting with all the numbers & math, but in reality the story takes precedence over the gameplay and you can hand-wave a lot of the rules.


very true, and I do love pathfinder, I’ve played several campaigns with it. I still say the mechanics get very bogged very quickly, but it allows for an insane level of customization with your Characters skills and abilities.


From what it sounds like, D&D 5e is still easier in terms of rules than pathfinder 1.0? So should I still try out D&D 5e before pathfinder at least for the rules being less crazy? I still want to try D&D no matter what since I knew about it before pathfinder and it is the most classic of Tabletop RPG’s to my knowledge. At this point I’m just curious what would be more suited for beginners to get into. @Vindace @hivefleetbothan What do you both prefer?



To start I’d say 5e. It’s a lot more designed with beginners in mind and is a lot easier to get in to imo. Hive what do you think?