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Favorite game you have never played.



Honestly you are not missing much. I own it on Wii U and I’ve played the hell out of it on Cemu with mods (because original OoT Link is BOSS), and the game just feels…lost. Why do I say that? Because there’s so much gimmick and rewriting that they forgot to pay attention to the stuff that caught Zelda players in the first place. The stuff that sunk players into OoT, MM and WW and even SS or the handheld titles even, or the classics.

If you really want to play it and can’t afford a Switch, you should look for a secondhand Wii U. I think they go for about $100-130 at the most. I’ve seen them go for $80 commonly though and as low as $60. Then you just need to snatch up a Breath of the Wild for Wii U. Which, if you go used again, is about $30.

I don’t know how much it’ll be used for you in Russia, but maybe you can try that route?




Thanks for the advice! I’ve checked the prices, and they are significantly lower, even for a brand new game \ console. I’m ready for a major change in gameplay, if they’ve got other strong elements to back up the loss. Weird \ deviant Zelda titles got me hooked for months, and Majora’s Mask is still one of my favourite games (I know many people who actively hate it). I’ve got younger brother and sister, and they love Zelda games, but they prefer to watch me playing. So I guess I’ll grab a used Wii U, and we’ll finally try it out the next time I’ll be visiting them.


I’ve had this game for quite a while on GOG, but I haven’t started it up because it looks like something I’d spend way too much time with. Same with The Witcher 3. Intimidating.

I didn’t either. I don’t really play metroidvanias because I can never finish them. It was chronies that convinced me to buy it. Even though I’ve barely scratched its surface, it’s one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Yes! I’d be all over a PC port of Final Fantasy Tactics in a heartbeat! It’s the main reason I keep my PSTV around. (Does anybody remember those?)

Redout. And The Stanley Parable.


So mine would be earthbound. Just such a good rpg with such crazy story and varied characters and enemies. I’d love to play it someday.


It is honestly not as long as people suspect it to be. Way shorter than The Witcher 3. It is so engaging that you go through it fast too. You also spend a chunk of time learning the combat, and then you don’t want to stop riding around looking at the gorgeous scenery.

But damn it! Go Play those games man! :joy:


This thread came up just as Crackdown 3 released, so now I can’t put it here. Well played.

It might end up on my standard favorite list if it keeps this up, though…


Yakuza 0


Hollow Knight




Xenogears on PS1.

And I mean that very seriously because I own the game and bought it when it came out. I’ve had it for years. I know I would love it as everyone else did.

One day…


@Rhyagelle I agree with you about the emulators. I have tried Gameboy and PS1 games on my laptop, but some did not age well. It also depends on what games I feel like playing and what is available to download.


Dang, I need another one, I just remembered now while listening to the soundtrack

I absolutely love Paul Robertson’s pixel art, I had hope for a PC release since they announced the game on consoles, like they would do once the exclusive bs contract was over, come on! :sob:


Ratchet and clank, i only played the demos ahhahha

Alao maybe danganronmpa, only watched the anime.

Emulator games usually lag for me too much to play :stuck_out_tongue:


After watching all YouTube play-throughs, I still can’t get over the fact how many different outcomes you can get. And I wish I could experience them all myself. Alas, I will not play it, cause no way I’m buying it from Epic Games Store.


When you have to wait an extra year to play Detroit: BH

Thanks, Fortnite.