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Favorite game you have never played.



So , what the hell am i talking about you wonder? I was just curious what is the first ( it can be several ) game which comes to your mind which you havent played but you are like 99,99% that you would just love and play the hell out of ?

For me it would be either Kingdom Come : Deliverance because it just looks like a absolutely amazing game but i just cant justify buying it at the moment OR Demon Souls because i’m sucker for Souls games but well i dont have PS3 .

What;s yours?


That’s a rather interesting question and while nothing particular comes to mind immediately there’s a rather large bunch of console exclusives that I’m sure would suit me just fine. But having almost exclusively owned PCs through my life they’ve been out of my reach.

Right this very moment though I suppose I could say Metro: Exodus, but it’s only at the front of my mind due to it being so recently relevant. Kingdom Come would certainly make my list as well.


I’m probably weird, but I assume that I’ll have no strong feelings about any game I start (if anything I’m probably more pessimistic than that!). I didn’t actually expect to like Hollow Knight that much…

Heck, sometimes gaming feels like hard work! :smile:

So your question kind of hurts my head…


hands down:




(the whole series ofc)


Actually I take it back…all the above are good choices, plus Bloodborne. :blush:


I would say mine are:
And now for a lightning round:
TheHunter:Call of the Wild, Monster Hunter World, The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim V, Just Cause 3, and Assasins Creed Oddyseey. (Lighting round not in order)
I proBbly forgot a couple, but this is the majority atleast.


I’ve played 2 out of 3 games/series and both were a dissapointment for me ;/


Playing RDR2 now :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve watched complete playthroughs of all of them and loved every second, lol, though ofc the fights are a bit boring to sit through at times…


I really want to play the new God of War and Horizon: Zero Dawn but I only own a PC, so the only way I could play either of them is to borrow the console and games. One friend of mine has a PS4 and I can’t visit except on Sundays, and things have been busy lately. Perhaps soon.


Horizon Zero Dawn for me too. I love games where you can tame the mobs, and ride them? Wow! :slight_smile:

Trouble is, I’d so suck at it. My aim is terrible in games like that too, ha ha. No console either. No tv for that matter either.

Same issue- Zelda: Twilight Princess. I’ve been rabid to play it for the longest time. small tears


The only way i can think of to like a game i’ve never played is to enjoy watching someone else play it. Since i haven’t watched many games being played that i haven’t played myself, i’ll go with My Summer Car.

I don’t like working on cars anymore because it’s expensive and dirty and inconvenient. So this game appeals to me because i can avoid all that. I’ll consider buying it after it’s completed.


This is what comes to mind right now, but I’m sure I’ve had other titles that I would like to play but never had the chance. Exclusivity scumbaggery.

There’s Ni no Kuni II on PC now, but for me, this one is 100% better than the sequel.

If you ask me about a PC port:

Come on Square Enix, you already did for mobile, what are you waiting for? Give me the GBA/DS ones too, screw Nintendo.


I don’t have one. Unless for money reasons, I try a game regardless of platform, age, genre etc etc. I see a lot of people wanting to play games like Horizon Zero Dawn, The Last of Us, Ni no Kuni etc etc. Basically a lot of incredible console exclusives. And they really should, especially HZD. The game is beyond amazing.

I guess the one game that was “that” game was Kingdom Come Deliverance, but I got it on GOG and it was as good as I thought it would be. I formed a crush on Sir Radzig. :joy:


One of the greatest games of all time.



I’ve been asking for this for a really long time! In my opinion, it has to be The War of the Lions version though. I know a lot of people love the original, but the later version just feels more authentic to the plot and plight of the characters. It also feels more in tuned to the theme of the world. Of course, if they went with that, they’d probably port the mobile version as in like they did with FF6 and just leave it mobile instead of adjusting it for keyboard or controller…

However, honestly, I’d still buy it. One of the greatest games ever created.


They could always just go with the PSP original. Although I sort of prefer the inscrutability of the translation in the PSX version.


They could, yea, but given that it had a lot of bugs (such as crashes when using items or spells) and performance issues (slow downs almost constantly), they most likely would not. The 2.0.0 update for mobile fixes it all and it runs flawlessly, it is just designed with the cancerous mobile stuff. It is the reason they went with the mobile version for Chrono Trigger as well rather than the DS version. Though that bit them in the ass and they had to fix it later.


I played the PSP UMD and PSN versions and whilst it never crashed, and I didn’t notice any bugs, there was the slowdown on animations. However, there was a plugin that eliminated it which could easily be incorporated.

Patched speed comparison

It’s Square though so expect the least.


220px-Resident_Evil_7_cover_art and catherine ,this 2 game is the ones i would love to play