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Favorite game you have never played.



Yup, there was a patch to fix it and the bugs too, and if I recall correctly there are rumors the mobile fixes are actually based on the patch. :rofl:

If it wasn’t for the mobile features, I would really recommend the mobile version of the game to people. It added new features with 2.0.0, such as auto saves and whatnot, but you know what you really can’t go wrong with any version of the game—bugs and crashes or translation differences.

Because Agrias Oaks is love :kissing_closed_eyes:


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Soo, I thought I had this. Turns out, I have the CASE for it…not the game, nor the system to play it on.

I have this game… haven’t played beyond the first cutscene. If you get a week of time to play it, it’s on PSNow, and unless you have gotten a free week before, I think you can just put in for a free trial. I forgot most the details on that. Unless you have bad internets, then it probs won’t work right

I had this game and I played I think about 15minutes of it and wasn’t impressed. The story seems like a solid idea… I suppose I just didn’t like how is was realized in the game. Not sure if I was into the battle system as well. I don’t remember much of the system.


Emulators exist. Not that I condone them, I’m just saying the original Playstation has had a totally stable emulator for well over a decade. Not that I would know. I’m just saying.


It isn’t the same to play them on emulator though. You lose a majority of the feeling. At least, that’s how I feel. Playing, for example. Ocarina of Time on an emulator is not the same as hooking up your N64 and playing it legit.


Jet Set Radiooooo!!!


I’ve “heard” from “someone who has played with emulators” that they feel perfectly fine, and that you’d only be in trouble if you try to activate all the bells and whistles. For instance don’t turn on the advanced graphical “upgrade” features so that it doesn’t make them sharper than the default console would be able to display. And if you have trouble with using a keyboard, just use a controller for your computer. I’ve got one that works on all modern games that only cost about $25. The Logitech F310.



  1. Red Dead Redemption
  2. Ni No Kuni
  3. God of War (all franchise)
  4. Uncharted (all franchise)
  5. The Last of Us


  1. Return of the Obra Dinn
  1. LOST EMBER (unreleased)
  1. The Gardens Between
  1. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice
  1. Journey

That I own but haven’t played:

  1. Dreamfall series
  2. Gemini Rue
  3. Blackwell series


this? :thinking:


: PS4



I’ve considered Catherine, but the genre isn’t exactly my style so I’m waiting for the 75% or more sale on Steam to grab it for $5.


Here in the U.S, emulators are not illegal, so I can freely experiment with them all I want so long as I own the game and console and dump them myself. A majority of them [emulators] run just fine.

I meant a feeling that’s beyond performance and looks. And these settings you mention depend entirely on the emulator and the state it is in. For example, Project64, a N64 emulator, is extremely well done and you can turn specific settings up to the max if you want. However, there are specific settings that must be enabled/disabled per game or hardware for better performance or compatibility with games.

Then there are newer emulators that aren’t as fleshed out, such as Yuzu or Cemu, that are not as performance friendly when you push up graphical settings.

It is entirely dependent on the emulator, computer specs and the game you want to run.


Post 2/2:

You asked…

Are you ready for this?


Out of those, I don’t own Beseria.

The List Continues!:

I’m tired of finding pictures…
AC Revelations
.hack//G.U. Last Recode
Murdered Soul Suspect
The Witcher 3 (and 2 as well. Yes, I haven’t played them yet)
Wolfenstein: TNO

Thats it for games that I own

80 Days
A Hat in Time
Door Kickers
Enter the Gungeon
Okami HD
Aer Memories of Old
Planet Coaster
Yonder: the Cloud Cather Chronicles
Katamari Damacy: Reroll (I have not played Damacy, so it counts)

So you’re probably thinking “Holy $&*%, dude. Game, not ALL THE GAMES. Pick ONE

As such, if I absolutely HAD to choose one.


Well I know that emulators are not illegal in the US. I just don’t know how this forum treats discussion of it.
With nearly all emulators you need to tweak some settings.
My understanding is that ePSXe is phenomenal for the Playstation and the ZSNES is likewise for the SNES.


Emulators aren’t illegal anywhere as far as I know, it’s the distribution of the ROMs and BIOS’ that’s the issue…and if you have the know how to dump your own Playstation BIOS (which isn’t inordinately hard) and have your old PSX games, you’re probably only breaking the EULA (which isn’t enforceable) by playing them.


MOTHER 3 is a game I’d love to play, but still haven’t gotten around to.


It’s basically “Pokemon” with Studio Ghibli’s amazing artstyle/story. I guess it’s not the cup of tea of everyone, but I’ve seen people play it and it was fantastic even to watch. I would get the feeling of wanting to play it myself even though I would never get a console just for one game and because of regional prices for the system / games.

Well, I do know that, I’ve played all of them through emulators. But is a wish to have it on my favorite platform, hence the ‘PC port’. And like @Rhyagelle said, it’s not the same. I think a tactics game with mouse and keyboard is way better too. I got War of the Lions for Mobile but, gee, it doesn’t feel good for me. Mobile controls are the worst imho.

Also, if wasn’t for emulators, I would never play one of my other all-time favorite games:

Which I should also include the HD version in this topic.


I think something put me off in that first 15 minutes or so of playing and I never returned to it. I don’t have it anymore, so i can’t put it in again to see if what may have happened.

I have that game… for gamecube… in it’s case… with no system to play it on


For now i’ll go with Hollow Knight. I have it on Steam, and I know for sure I will love it. But I haven’t finished Cuphead yet - not because it gave me problems, but rather because I haven’t turned on the game for a while. And I’ve got a feeling that games like these are better walked through without any major breaks,

There’s also Zelda: Breath of the Wild. No Nintendo Switch and not planning to get one. The console is awesome, but the pricing for the games is just not for our region; not if you’re living in any city other than Moscow \ St. Petersburg and not if you have monthly financial responsibilities to yourself, family, older relatives. etc. … I guess I could save money and buy just Switch and Zelda, but buying a console for a single game feels wrong, especially after PC gaming where I can expand my library as frequently as I want \ is comfortable with me.


Oh yes! This too! 3d-sokoban, lol. Lucky Random Keys was playing this live on Facebook and giving away a key. As usual, I was too slow to claim it. Some ninja snapped it up though. The jerk didn’t even say thanks. >.<


God eater 3 because i haven’t gotten around to buying it so it still counts :wink: