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Fallout New Vegas key giveaway


I won this key from Kinguin’s Crazy Weekends a couple of days ago and it turned out it’s not working in my country, so while waiting for support to answer it occurred to me that I probably won’t play it much if at all, and I decided to give it away here instead of dealing with the hassle of trying to change it for other key or refunding imaginary coins.

The rules:

  1. Anyone with forum account at least two days old can enter. Though if you’re from a country that Bethesda counts as Russia, you probably shouldn’t :confused:
  2. The giveaway ends on Friday 13th :skull: around the time of Chrono daily deal refresh.
  3. Winner will be decided through some sort of RNG (discobot dice roll, or physical dice, if I find any)

Good Luck!

PS I think I figured out how to check this region nonsense: if you can buy Fallout: New Vegas you should be fine to enter, but if the store gives you Fallout: New Vegas RU you’re out of luck unfortunately.


Not entering, but kudos for hosting a giveaway!


Yea, I set up a giveaway for some Kinguin freebies too - no interest yet, lol.

I’ll enter. Sorry you didn’t get a global key for this. T_T Maybe they’ll refund your krowns though. I had an issue (different kind) and they fixed it in two days or so. Got Kholat in one of those Free Weekends things and luckily, it worked fine.


Ooh I’d like to enter! I’ve heard I should play New Vegas, but somehow I haven’t yet.


Not entering because I already have the game, highly recommended, thanks for the giveaway @Strifeborne :+1:


What the hack? Im not even close to Russia (over 1500km away) and cant open the first link.
Okay. So Im not entering.
Thank you for giveaway, @Strifeborne :+1:


BTW: What is your country @Strifeborne?


I would love to enter I have wanted to play thing forever! Thank you!


me interesa entrar


I would like to enter please :slight_smile: and may RNG be on everyone’s side


I woild love to play New Vegas, I’m entering the givaway. Thank you for this givaway! :clap::clap:


Thank you for the giveaway! I would also like to enter. I’ve played FNV at nauseam on consoles so playing with even just a few mods would make it definitely worth another playthrough not to mention the complete overhaul mods. I hope I win but good luck to all other entrants! I hope the game finds a good home haha :smiley:


I want to play this game, so I’ll enter. Thanks for the giveaway!!


Wow that sucks, I’ve heard that this is one of the best Fallout Games. i don’t know personally I’ve played Fallout 4 and 3, thats it.

I’d like to enter for it.


I am going to stay put and sit on my hands for this one. I bought Fallout 4 a couple of months ago now (?) I can’t even remember, and I have launched it exactly 0 times… Thanks @Strifeborne for the giveaway. And it’s too bad that you cannot use it yourself. :frowning:


I’m entering, thanks for the giveaway!!


Awesome giveaway. Thanks :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:

Not entering.


I want to play this game, so I’ll try my luck.
I would like to enter, please.
Thanks for the giveaway !!!


Great game though Bethesda are dicks. Not only because of the recent stuff but they also put a RU tag onto my Fallout New Vegas game because i live in a vicinity of Russia. Fck off ,Bethesda, just Fck off.


I’ll try my luck with this one,even if i have some worries about how it would run on Win 10.Thanks for the giveaway @Strifeborne.