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Fallout New Vegas key giveaway


Count me in for the giveaway, thanks!
Looking forward to see who’s the lucky one on that ‘unlucky’ day.


hola :smiley:
me gustaría entrar en tu sorteo
siempre me considere alguien con suerte

use the google translate :slight_smile: tengo perece de usarlo yo




I would like to enter please


Also not here to enter, just wanted to say this is THE BEST Fallout of the main franchise games, with only their mobile Fallout Shelter being the other rated 9+/10 in my book (but for very different reasons). The story, RPG-action, and exploration of New Vegas is just what I think of when I am comparing other open world RPGs.


I actually haven’t played FNV yet, so I guess you can count me in for the giveaway :slight_smile:


All right! Time’s up!
Now let’s see who the RNG gods favor today.

@Seldom congratulations! Sending PM.


Cool. Gratz to the winner. ^^


Again, thank you !