Fall Guys is so good


second time today i see a cheater in two consecutive rounds and then suddenly in the third round he’s not there anymore

i wonder if they already started implementing and testing it

edit: @Fraggles i wouldn’t be surprised if a system like that doesn’t get sold with a week or so of in-house training by ppl from the anti-cheat company who can get u going at first by quickly implementing some specific solution to your most important needs, and then once your own ppl get a firm grasp of it, they can further implement/adapt it to ever-changing hacks


hm, played one hour, seen zero cheaters today


edit: there were still cheaters, lol


introducing a bunch of randomness in the already-existing levels, which i think is awesome and just enough to keep going till the new maps in season 2

and most importantly, implementation of the new anti-cheat, which hopefully will be effective

this should all be live now, i think (I’ll check it out after work fo sho :crazy_face:)

in i see no more cheaters for a while, i’ll adjust my steam review too ofc


funny, these guys have over 200 employees actually; that does make one wonder why they aren’t able to deal with some issues a lot faster than they have so far


oh they made hatoful boyfriend.

Yeah this is a case of people not remembering developers’ but rather publishers’ or hell even just game names.


Joe (the lead game designer) said in an interview that the biggest the fall guys dev team has got is 40 employee only: https://youtu.be/sTQh0mN9XL8?t=163
if you check the mediatonic website they actually looking to hire more people for the fall guys team: https://www.mediatonicgames.com/careers


so good


OMG :joy:

historically accurate?




Good to know! These kind of games can be ruined by cheaters.


yeah, haven’t seen a single cheater since they implemented Easy Anti-Cheat

season 2 coming soon:



Le purr. So I got this as a Steam Gift from Sticky Lock Games. Had to to a post on Twitter, which I’m trying to warm up to doing. So yeah… Meep. Tired… Mew!


The worst part is, you have to put it in yourself or your team will lose. Such sacrifice…

Moving on! Found this fun video.