Fall Guys is so good


Beta was so much fun, can’t wait to play more. They said they want to repeat it again next week. Hopefully it’s open beta then.



I’m just outright promoting right now, I know :joy: but it rly was just that much fun, like Rocket League, TF2 levels of fun.

I was also rly impressed with the netcode and stability of the game. Living in Egypt, it’s not always a given to have a good connection to online games, but in 7 h played, with up-to-60-player games i never experienced fps drops or lag, not once, and i had 1 single disconnect from server, though it would imagine that that was because of my internet rather than their servers.

The only bug i saw was that sometimes, in between rounds, the screen were eliminated ppl would be pushed of their platform would not work and it would look like game was stuck, but then it would still load the next round regardless every single time.

I also did feel that in the game where you have to grab ppl’s tales, that mechanic wouldn’t always consistently seem to work the same way, even sometimes having your own tale being snatched from what seems to be a too great distance for that to be accurate, so i imagine that would possibly be due to netcode and would need improving.


It looks fun.

Was it very populated? Because filling 60 player instances will need a moderately sized player base. Their target demographic should be groups of friends.

They need to sell packs of the game to get as many players as possible. Like, 5 games for $20. 10 games for $30. 1 game for $20 is pretty ambitious. I can only guess they have a large player base at early access. Which is nice since they feel comfortable.

Let me know when it comes out. I would like to watch a gameplay video.


So it’s like Mario Party Battle Royale?


I’m really happy that someone talked about this game in here, I was following this game since the reveal in e3 2019 and finally got invited to the closed beta 3 weeks ago, I played the beta for almost 20 hours and I really enjoyed the game and looking forward to the release on august 4th.
I want to mention some stuff for anyone interested in the game:

  • the dev team on discord really want the game to succeed, they promised new mini games, new modes and new seasons in the long run.
  • the battle pass will be free.
  • there’s two currencies in game: crowns (obtainable be winning matches and the battle pass gives you one or two every season) and kudos (obtainable simply be playing matches in-game).
  • you spend the currency in the game shop for emotes and skins and other stuff.
  • all skins are just cosmetics.
  • you will be able to buy kudos with real money but it’s not necessary (I got like 25000 kudos just be playing and winning matches in-game).
  • just announced today the game will be part of ps+ line up for august which is huge and similar to what rocket league did when it launched on ps4.


never waited more than 30 secs for a game, on a closed beta (not early access)

game was ranked 6th on steam sales during this beta as well, and i also read somewhere they raised the price of the collector’s edition from $25 to $30 though that barely gives u anything special, so i think they’re selling like crazy

it comes out August 4th, but if there is indeed a beta next weekend as well, it might be number 1 on twitch again, then


no idea, never heard of that nor seen


You know, it does remind me of Mario Party a bit. I think it was 4-player on controllers and not online.

Since Fall Guys has 60 players and they remove some players after each match, I think the mini-games also change throughout the game. It looks like the first match is a race since all the players need to fit in the instance. Maybe the mini-games become more complicated later?

I will wait until until it releases so I can understand how they make it fun.

If Nintendo came out with an online Mario Party with 60 players, I think it would be very popular too.


Yeah, I guess so too. Altho I thought Mario Party was for 8 players, I never had a Nintendo console in my hands actually. I will have a look at this game, I always really liked party games (had tons of fun with Move or Die) but my buddies are mostly all far away


I watched the Northernlion Tries episode here and honestly it looks like tons and tons of fun, coming from a guy that disliked every Battle Royale I know of




just won my first game :joy: :trophy::joy:


This game reminds me of Takeshi’s Castle so much :laughing:

Also, congrats @M00 !! :tada:


game has exploded


i saw the note on the store page :smile: hopefully don’t they just get servers up to capacity, but hopefully the success last - at least so the “battle royale” theme/focus/talks shifts to something a bit different´

edit. … wonder if this game has the potential to lure me in “yet” :thinking:


get in there dude :joy: loads of fun

right now seems servers are finally able to deal with this number of players


you’re just saying that because you want to yank my tail :laughing:


dude, I know y’r all about that :joy:



Really wish they would sell a 4 pack for this one. We really want to play but I would have to buy 4 keys and that is kinda steep right now :frowning: Looks crazy fun though.



that’s insane


Well that would explain why their servers went under, I doubt they expected 2mil users in the first week.