Fall Guys is so good


u know what, i didnt even think about that, though i’ve never seen more than 125K players ingame so far, but yes, that does put things in a different perspective a bit

i honestly didnt expect it to take off like that at all either. Some press were talking about this potentially being a new rocket league, and though I’m the first one to recognize the appeal of this game (and i prepurchased, but only after trying the beta), i personally felt there was no way this could go this big so fast

now it all depends on how much new content they can keep putting into it, cuz otherwise it might become old fast for a lot of ppl as well, though it’s just fun as it is too

they already confirmed they’ll keep making maps, but what i’d rly love is to have one giant race straight for the crown, a rly rly long one, like 5 min long, where it’s just a fight to the end, possibly even between 200 ppl at the same time, or more, if at all possible :joy:


Maybe instead of just a straight race you could have like a large open arena where players gets dropped in somewhat randomly and then have them all chase the changing center of ever smaller rings while also trying to knock the other players into hazards our out of bounds?

Could be a cool new mode they could create and maybe then transfer all their focus into.


yoooooo, yes, and give them guns so they can shoot each other :joy: :thinking: and let them gather materials and build cover :joy: and drinks that give you extra shield or energy, and then let them drop in in teams and add a revive mechanic too :neutral_face:

the knocking mechanic is quite unstable, wonky, and unpredictable actually. So far i havent been able to rly work out why sometimes ppl are able to push each other away and why not at other times, so they’d have to actually work out and change the game mechanics for that first

there’s a level where ppl have to figure out the way to the finish line over platforms which just fall if you go on them and they’re incorrect, and it’s mostly just trying to stand your ground and pray someone else gets pushed on the next one or into the deep rather than you

I personally prefer the races cuz some of the other modes (especially team games) are too heavily decided by pure RNG and luck, where you simply have no real (or very limited) influence on whether you win or lose.

They have a few races which are enjoyable and a bit longer in length, but then the one race which actually decides who wins the crown is super short and one mistake (or just one instance of bad luck) means it’s over for you usually. The race for the crown should be way longer for sure.


Hey guys I purchased the game but had no luck connecting to a game (continuous connection error
) so I refunded it because I wanted the funds for another game releasing on 14th. What’s the state of the game at the moment in terms of connecting etc? Looks like so much fun and my daughter is going to love it. I’ll buy it again today if you fine peeps suggest so.


i only played a couple of games and that was 2 days ago, but i had zero trouble getting games
and a couple of people on my friendlist played most of the day yday,
so at least for “some” it seems fine


Thanks buddy. I’ll give it a go again now.


I’m now getting that matchmaking is down for maintenance try again another time or something!
Oh well. That’s my luck. I’ll try again later. Seems like they’re under a lot of pressure due to popularity.


hehe yea well i guess that happens, they are probably attempting it now “off peak hours” i’m thinking, at least sunday was buzzing


usually that means they’re adding more servers cuz they’re again needing more due to a continual increase in player base

I played without issues about 11h ago


Hi @M00 it seems to be up and running again. But I now need to go out for a few hours. I’ll try it later


now, this is funny:


i really hope they make a royal f*** ton of money on sales and mtx and get to shove their success down those publishers throat as their stomach churns with bitter regret and their tears make salt prices bottom-out


they undoubtedly are; they had over 2 million copies sold on steam just in the first week or so :joy:


I’ve watched a few streamers briefly and quite honestly I do not see the appeal of the game. Undoubtedly it has an appeal as so many people seem to enjoy it greatly, it’s just not for me.

The question is how long it will last, is this something people will keep playing for months and years or will it be abandoned before end of summer? Does the game have the elements that makes it worth returning to in the long run?


it’s just plain fun, just like rocket league, but ofc it doesnt have the skill ceiling nor learning curve rocket league has; it’s very casual, and that might be detrimental possibly, but then again, it might be detrimental towards a certain player base but beneficial to a way wider player base

they will keep adding new and different maps, so my guess is as long as they can keep doing that and keep it innovative and refreshing, there’s no reason the fun will wane

they could also add ranked

there’s only been 25 maps in the game so far and the game is still growing both in player numbers (150K right now on steam) and on twitch, where it’s number 1 almost all the time

i’ve played 22 h so far and i know im always aching to get a few games in


It looks like fun, a good distraction sort of game. I’ll probably try to get it in the future.


Rocket league is not just plain fun, it may be fun but it also has a high skill ceiling and a competitive nature, it’s something people can return to for the sake of polishing their skills. It also has a ranked ladder through which you can see results of your improvement. It seems to me this is an element Fall guys lack.

Rocket league also has a lot more mechanical complexity from what I can tell.


correct, but both games are also pure plain fun as well; they have that in common

there’s a huge amount of ppl who never really evolved in rocket league, and the only way to really do that is by playing lots and lots of hours consistently

and then there’s a certain skill ceiling even way beyond that which you rly cant get through unless you put in even more hours, and i kinda know what im talking about having 765 h in that game

not having that in this game might actually be an advantage cuz it’s as casual as it gets, so unlike rocket league, even if you stop playing 2 months and then go back, yr not gonna be a level zero potato again (and that besides the fact that plenty of ppl immediately get turned off by a game when they feel they rly suck at it and are outclassed by everyone else, which you dont have in this game cuz it’s all just beans running around falling over each other :joy:)

there’s a reason games like Bejeweled are played by millions of ppl for many years

so as long as they can keep the fun kinda fresh, i think they should be good for some years

I hope they do add ranked, and i’m already waiting to see what season 2 will bring in 45 days :joy:

oh, and then there’s also the fact that this game also has this

btw, bigly

losing is infuriating (for someone like me), and everytime i lose i just wanna get back in cuz i should be the weener, only me :rage:

i’m actually actively jealous of this:

it should have been me, or if not me, then @Gnuffi at least

and though ofc the learning curve is nowhere near as what it is in rocket league, nor ever will be, there is somewhat of a slight learning curve present, and the more you play the better you become ofc, and there’s also tricks and shortcuts (there’s 1 race map which has like 4 specific little shortcuts which require some skill to pull off) you learn with time specific to certain game modes and maps, and i think they should rly embrace that aspect (skill-based shortcuts and tricks) even more going forward in their future map design

and imagine the possibilities if they give Steam Workshop access to this :astonished:


Well I didn’t really want to go into full analysis mode here but… what the hell.

The point is that there are a handful of features that are proven to bring people back into games for a longer period of time and I’m not sure I see those features in this game. As I mentioned competitiveness in a high skill ceiling game is something that works for the long term, this is why games like Starcraft, Dota, lol and such are running year after year in some cases for decades.

The people who fail to evolve still have a reason to stick around if it’s just simply fun to play at a low level, which is a strength in Rocket league, not as much in Starcraft. The point where I suspect Fall guys falls short in is that it is ONLY fun to play. Fun is a very fleeting aspect and what’s fun today can be boring and repetitive tomorrow. Fun is also easily replaced, fun is not a unique feature. The very next fluffy fun title that shows up might very well supplant Fall guys because if casual fun is the only feature then being the new thing might make a thing far more attractive.

We’re also talking about an online game here, this requires a fairly large player base to continue to find it fun for the long term, which I believe is going to be hard to do. Once the initial hype starts to drop and if the game does not have any other qualities that ensures long term adoption player numbers will drop along with it. This might cause the game to enter the death spiral where more people leave because it’s starting to take longer to get the game started, which makes it take even longer and so on. You might also see, we have already seen in fact, people complain about other players being “too serious” and “too good” at the game. Casual party games can also end up with a stratified playerbase and if you have no ranked sort of system you throw everyone into the same games you run the risk of losing the casual players who don’t think getting good at a game is fun.

The game IS a competition, but it is not competitive by nature, as you tried pointing out. It is not merely being competitive that is compelling, it is the ceiling of skill that matters. This one has a very low ceiling, yet you will still find people unable to reach it.

Bejeweled is played by millions, because it’s something you can pick up on your own in 2s and has no other requirements to it, you can spend exactly as much time as you wish on it and stop. This is not true for Fall guys, it has a setup time it requires you to be online and it requires participation of 60 other players and your fun can be interrupted by someone else.

I strongly doubt that the benefit of being easy to drop in and out of is greater than that of games offering the player the opportunity to get better, this is a very compelling aspect of most games.

All that being said I do not wish to denigrate Fall guys, I think it looks like a well made game and I think they deserve all the success they can get. I just wonder if it really has the legs to stand on for the long haul.


I’ve went ahead and added it to my wishlist. Maybe I’ll buy it someday.