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Explain Your Icon!


I changed my pic recently so here´s an updated version of mine


My icon, currently:

It is the first art I have made of a character named Woofberry. She is basically my radio show personality for a specific community I’m in. I’m very excited to develop her further.


I just changed mine! And I figured I would pop up to explain the new one! I had some art done for my science… based on ‘Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas’…



cuz “In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn.”




thought id cheekily necro this just to say
dayumn! :open_mouth: lovin that icon style-up there @WikiTora :+1:


Oh, you’ve noticed my new hairsty… ehm, I mean… my new icon. Thanks :blush:

I’m also doing this…


I made up my avatar. It is based on some Wheel of Time themes, and some fantasy stuff I thought of myself (each thing on the avatar means something). I also just really love the estoile charge! :relaxed:


“Mmmphya harrgh mrgha hrghgph.” – Pyro, TF2


um it’s a drawing i made lol. Not much to it, thinking of changing it tho. Not sure what to


It’s the worlds smallest primate:


You forgot to include the single most informative source of information about the tarsier


Remember, allways eat your vegetables… :smile:


I needed a badge(s) for a certain recent giveaway.

The easiest badge was to complete the profile, which included having a pic. So I grabbed 2 images off my desktop and here they stay.
The dragon is from guild wars 2, the other is from battletech.


I must edit my post to tell everyone it is pronounced jif, not gif.
My evidence is that the first time I saw it, without any outside influence as to pronunciation, I said jif and it made sense to me.
When I hear gif, it sounds gross too.

Homer saying this is allllmost to the level of how dumb hearing gif is to me.


@GDBringer pleased to see a fellow jif lover.


I pronounce it /dʒɪf/ and that’s how I’ll always pronounce it. Don’t care who says what. Ain’t no way I’ll be saying it like I’m saying ‘gift’ but without the t! :laughing:


Trust the google tradutor lady, she knows the english pronunciation.



Yeah, it still baffles me that people don’t know how to pronounce Jraphics Interchange Format properly.


what rly should baffle u is that ppl dont know the difference between acronyms and abbreviations, it would have to be G-I-F if it was merely an abbreviation, but since it is an acronym, which is a subclass of abbreviations, u can pronounce it Jif (or Gif, if u absolutely feel u must do so, but I’m pretty sure “Ginger” [u don’t spell that “Jinger” do u?] wouldn’t approve), just like u say Nasa, not N-A-S-A

What I rly fail to understand is how ppl keep arguing about this though the creator of the term himself made clear that it’s supposed to be pronounced Jif, and that should have settled it ever since


yea, but he’s an american, and what do they know about language or grammar except butchering it ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: