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except that the inventor of the gif said that that is actually the correct pronunciation


“The editor of the Oxford English Dictionary was noncommittal, writing on a tech blog that the dictionary accepts both pronunciations.”


just because you create something, doesn’t make you less susceptible to being wrong :triumph:

#Jraphics :giraffe:

:rofl: :joy:


I’m aware of allllllllllll this, Harith hahaha here’s a cool website on it:


It does actually; the inventor of something gets to name it, no? [edit: mainly that rly; i don’t see how anyone could argue with that] Also, once dictionaries say u can pronounce it both ways that pretty much ends all debate cuz they are the authority on language rly.


Funny how:

“What about Gin, Gem, Gym, Geo, and Gel?”

actually completely counter proves their point, but they just decide that that doesn’t count…


Mind = Blown

I pronounce Gnuffi with a silent G…so pretty much Nuffi. So it might actually be pronounced If…we’re all using animated if’s.


you can get to name something, but not change how the name/language works
it’s an acronym, made up of “graphics”, graphics is hard g, hence the jraphs :giraffe: arguments
had it been Gin international fermentation “jif” would have been perfectly acceptable

or if they had chosen a punctuated acronym style G.I.F.
but nooo, that’s not how it went down or is this day, so it’s gif! and will always be gif!, and never jif! :triumph:
#NoJiraphicsAnywhere :giraffe:

this is also correct :+1:
"no jifs ands or buts"
only Gifs If’s and Buds
funnily enough in my language the g in gnome is not silent and subsequently (the locals) they would pronounce it in its “entirety” :smile: and became the main inspiration for my steam id to have lowercase g with uppercase N, so “foreigners”/english speakers would use it with a silent g, and not “Gnuffi Nome” :joy:, (because that’s just too weird and rip a tear in the fabric of cosmos :wink:)


Daily Writing Tips aptly explains the following rules for how to pronounce the letter ‘g’:

If the g is followed by e, i, or y, the pronunciation is “soft g”:
g+i: magic, margin, origin, engine
g+e: page, generation, detergent, vengeance
g+y: astrology Egyptian gym

There is no rule to follow (or break) for pronouncing acronyms. I repeat: there is no rule that says the acronym GIF should be pronounced with a hard ‘g’ because graphics is pronounced with a hard ‘g’.

Since there is no acronym pronunciation rule to override (or even compete with) the pronunciation rule for using a soft ‘g’ when followed by an ‘i’, and since the originator of the word GIF did not declare it an exception, there isn’t any rule supporting the hard ‘g’ GIF pronunciation. Rather, all the rules point to pronouncing it jif.



Give, Gimp, girl etc etc hard g


hence if both r possible only the inventor can decide rly


I agree. I don’t know how this was ever a debate. There is no English rule as far as I’m aware for acronym pronunciation so it would fall to the creator for pronunciation since it’s not actually a word.


Is it GIF or JIF? a little skit from one of my favorite tech tubers.


@TR3NT, :+1: :rofl: :joy_cat:


the bit where they hear both pronunciations :joy:

narrator injection: “There can be only one”
split it down the middle? Hif :thinking:? :man_shrugging: :smile:


What kind of idiot started this whole furore regarding the pronunciation of a popular image format. Whoever that moron was he needs to be taken outside and flogged…



All I can say is that English is a stupid language.

fite me (ง •̀_•́)ง


En garde (ง ͠° ͟ل͜ ͡°)¤=[]:::::> -Aha!


high fives



great, now i have to watch the entire office series again, -for the 6th millionth time… :confounded: :+1: