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Explain Your Icon!



Ever heard of “Goth kids” or God forbid, “Emo Kids”…

Sadness, misery and disdain is happiness in my eyes :sunglasses:


He’s using his community overlord powers, careful


Nah I just played



:thinking: I must be missing something…

Wait… you changed your post… :rofl:


you toootally edited that in yourself :wink:

move along, -nothing to see here, gnome mistakes happened :smile:

you can prove nothing! :triumph:
(i absolutely didn’t have the wrong/old entry copied or posted without checking first…! …) :wink: :blush: :joy:




Following the trend of people changing their profile pictures into annoyingly-distracting .GIFs, I have also altered my avatar so that I, too, can be part of the problem.


Oh, so NOW it’s okay to have annoying GIFs?!

I swear, you people… GAH!


It’s still not okay @CptMold.

You’ll be glad you ditched the annoying GIF when the three deviants above you get hit with a lawsuit from some poor seizure-prone individual reading this thread :joy:

p.s. your icon is awesome, please don’t ever change it!


I guess using Gif’s is a new thing now, Mine is Bradley Wright-Phillips doing his new Wakanda goal celebration.


real gifs are static


I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon too, what do you think of my new gif icon?


“the best way to defeat an enemy is from within”
“if you can’t beat 'em, join them”
“be the Gif that you wish to see in others”

i still think it would have been awesome if you had made the helm spin counterclockwise/opposite, to really mess with us :smile:

Enki has been using a sloth gif since day one, and none of you noticed -it’s just moving at a sloth’s real-time speed :blush: :hugs:


Honestly, the previous avatar you’re talking about isn’t as bad as some of the others here. Not sure why yours got so much hate.

That’s why imaginary gifs are superior.


I preferred gifs when I thought that they were pronounced with a hard g. The truth ruined the image format for me…stupid truth…

Is anyone else annoyed by the fact that there hasn't been a good game available in a long time?

it’s gif, not jif, i don’t care what others (erroneously) think or say, i’ll never accept any different :triumph: #NotMyjif

can’t, stop, looking at it! :laughing: -it’s so mesmerizing…
that’s some pure hypnotoad’ing right there :blush:

You're Banned!

I don’t know about that.
yours is really pleasant and almost tranquil looking at, with all the complimenting blues flowing all around. :relieved:


waves Hi hi. Guess mine is not that weird. It’s Halcyform from Slayers. Somehow, I always fav the villain in a series, and so he was…sorta. He was a heartbroken mage trying to bring his dead wife back…had to break a few eggs to make that omelette, if you catch the euphemism there. coughbodiescough

Alternative choice could have been Maxmillian Pegasus from Yugioh - another guy missing his love.

I like that song by the Police too: “…every breath you take, every move make, I’ll be watching you.” Thankfully, I’m single. :XD



I started saying “jif” to mess with people like… two years ago.

I’m stuck with it now. I shall forever utter “jif”.

I’m in too deep now, sorry guys.

Loving the new gif trend though, great avatars, everyone. :+1: