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Evoland Legendary Edition (Free on Steam if you own Evoland 2)


Just go to the store page if you already own Evoland 2, it will dump into your library if you visit it.

Currently I have 34 friends (most of whom are Chronies) who own Evoland 2, but only 4 have this Legendary Edition. :slight_smile:

I don’t know if it’s any different than just Evoland 1 + 2 in one program or what…


This is so strange, the One Box is showing 25% off, but when I look at the store page, it shows 75% off:

Anyone else see similar things?


It just gives me the installation and it’s not adding anything to the licenses in steam. Might be, because it’s not out yet and will be after 1 hour?

RELEASE DATE: 7 Feb, 2019

I will install it just in case and see what happens later. Thanks a lot!
Edit: it was added to the library without the instalation, but why doesn’t it show in licenses though?


Huh, so no love for the ones who bought their first game then? I see.

I’ll get Evoland 2 in 20 years then when I forget about this.


awesome, thanks :slight_smile:


There’s a post on their FB page that says:

Evoland Steam players!

If you own Evoland 1 on Steam then you will receive a 50% Discount code for the Evoland Legendary edition.

If you own Evoland 2 then the Evoland Legendary Edition will automatically be added to your Steam library when it releases!

Evoland Legendary Edition is available on February 7th!

But the legendary edition is at 75% off?
Also, I haven’t received any codes yet.


don’t sloths get stuff a bit later than everyone else?


I went to the page and the thing got automatically added to my library, so it shows it being in my library, though @onLooSe is right, it’s not in the licenses… :thinking:


yeah that seems to be the way they do it with the free games. Just bought farcry 5 gold and it came with farcry 3 but doesnt show in licenses. If you check the date added on the legendary version it will say it was added the same date Evoland 2 was. Strange but oh well still have the game free :slight_smile:


Thanks but what if I hate both games and don’t want it? :thinking:

Not sure why devs do these moves automatically instead of any other way… but I mean ok :woman_shrugging:


Ah… that fateful day when it was a Chrono daily deal… :smile:

I suppose you can just hide it from your library to never see it again… Or permanently remove it, should that inclination be so strong.


I know, fam. My point is: I never asked for it so I wish I didn’t have to put up effort to get rid of it, you know?

But anyways happy for anyone out there that’s thrilled and is going to enjoy the heck out of it :hugs:


Just grabbed it through my phat pipe this very minute. Nice!


One extra game won’t hurt anyone’s library, we all have games in there that we hate, purchased or not.
Just leave it be, you have 560 other games in your library anyways, you’ll forget about these eventually!. :smile:


Ahem… :wink:



Evoland 2 is such a great game. I enjoyed every minute with it.
The Legendary edition only shows up as 25% off for me, even though I still got it for free so something is clearly wonky with the store front.


Yeah…strange things at my end too


I thought it was wonky, being 75% off on day of release.

Maybe it shows up as being additional 50% off for Evoland 1 owners, consistent with their advertised price. So it’s 25% off at launch, + 50% off for Evoland 1 owners. Yet it showed up in our libraries because we owned Evoland 2? That’s the only explanation I can give.

@Fraggles, the first time you go to the site, it puts it in, after that you will have a buy this for one of your friends line show up above the price line.


The page has not changed, not sure what you mean actually.
Did find this curious little detail though.
The system spec categories are in Chinese for no apparent reason, I’ve never seen that before.

Checked a few other store pages and they were all proper.


And mine shows up in Spanish for some reason… :rofl:


this is my language preferences:

and the one review visible to me:


:rofl: For me they are in russian! I don’t speak russian and my steam is set up fully on english… so is windows and everything else.