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Evoland Legendary Edition (Free on Steam if you own Evoland 2)



Mine are in Russian as well! This seems like a really bizarre issue, I wonder what else is going wrong on steam?


I own Evoland 2 but it only asks if I want to buy it, though it says its in my library I check the game individually and it says it isn’t in my library. I guess it is borked right now or something.


Check your client, it should show up in your library list of games in the client.


They keep on giving games i already own for free … great :smiley:



How dare you

Your SysReq is in french and review is in portuguese



I was laughing my ass off with “Spanish” :joy:

This community is too good.


Thanks for the clarification… :rofl: I just know I can’t really read any of it… lol!

@coralinecastell, any kind of laughter always make up small chunks of a good day. :wink:


I don’t get why they did it for Evoland 2 only. Would make more sense for owners of both games.


Well, Evoland 1 is older than 2, so typically the older games have the bigger sales. They did give 50% off on top of a launch 25% off, for a total stacked 75% off for Evoland 1 owners, so that’s pretty good, I think.


People supported their first game and it made so they could be able to make a second game. Even though 75% is nice, I’m not willing to pay for it at the moment. I just think they didn’t care for that reason I pointed.

Not only that, I also supported their EA title, Northgard. I just felt like a big slap across my face, that’s all.


I have Evoland 2 on Steam, so it was a pleasant surprise to get Evoland as a part of legendary edition. But I’m not through with it yet, because my characters are stuck in the cave (I glitched through a wall, and cannot glitch back, and the game is saved there, and I don’t have a backup). Still, it felt like a big step forward from the first game, which I played with my siblings

It was a bit difficult to go through Evoland, because at some point, the game was “upgraded” and everytime the hero opened a chest, there was an animation with quickly rotating camera that gave us all nausea and headaches. The game had many fun ideas, but it was really short, more like an extended demo to a bigger project. I’ve only played through maybe a third of Evoland 2 (or even less), and there was more in terms of content, characters. story and gameplay than in the whole Evoland game that also happened to have a frustratingly empty world. I guess that’s why they only provide a big discount to the owners of Evoland, and not the whole Evoland 2.

So, I think that’s why they’re combining them together forever now. Still, I wonder if the pricing is fair (don’t remember how much the games costed separately), and I really hope that the 50% discount for the players who only have Evoland covers more than the price of Evoland on its own. People should get a better bonus for devotion and suppot/