Everyone's Favorite Game of 2015?

I’m personally going to go with Undertale. Not just for the amazing characters and meta mind games, but also because it is the only game I’ve played that can get me emotional from its soundtrack alone after playing it. I also listen to said soundtrack insanely regularly. Might not be the most original choice, but it’s quite the indie darling :slightly_smiling:

Edit: Unfortunately, I agree that although I found the game very good, a large part of that is due to how I wasn’t spoiled of anything going into as much as others might have. I feel that while the fan base of the game as a whole is passionate, the constant demands of perfectly playing the game, everyone needing to play it, and over exaggeration on how good the game is leads to others having a less than ideal environment to enjoy the game when they eventually get around to it. I’d suggest putting off playing it until the hype has died down a little :slightly_smiling:

I’ve put about 2 hours into it after hearing a lot of great things and I’m kind of… underwhelmed? I know there’s a lot more to the game that I haven’t seen yet, but I’m having a hard time picking it back up again.

That was honestly my first impression as well, and many others from what I’ve heard. I really didn’t get into it until I sat down a second time about a week later and just dedicated an evening to playing it through :slightly_smiling:

Not the slightest doubt in my mind. My favourite game of 2015 was Transformers: Devastation. Everything about that game was just pitch perfect. I’m pretty sure my face was stuck in a constant grin while playing. The only “downside” was that it could’ve been longer, but according to rumors there’ll be sequels.

I really liked Undertale as well, and for some it’s a hard sell. Especially now that the game has been hyped up to ludicrous levels. I think that fervor is dying down though.

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Likewise, Undertale is certainly good, but the way I played it was less then optimal: One normal playthrough and have not replayed, because I am not that kind of player. Thus I have not really seen half of what the game has to offer. Thus I couldn’t make it my Game of the Year, really…

Upon going through, what I played that actually came out in 2015, I realized I didn’t really play much last year. ^.^

So, my favorite game is Renowned Explorers: International Society. (which incidentally was brought to my attention by the same person as this site: TotalBiscuit)

Undertale is definitely one of those games you either get or you don’t. After the first hour and meeting Sans and Papyrus I was hooked and I don’t even like those type of games, but it’s humour and style isn’t for anyone.

Sadly I think a lot of it’s problems were due to hype, so people go in expecting the BEST GAME EVER and if they’re even a little bit like ‘eaaah’ then the experience suffers. I went in basically knowing nothing other than people said it was pretty good so I was pleasantly surprised.

I’d have to go with Witcher 3, that game was just everything I was looking for and then some(though scifi space game with the same quality of storytelling, open world etc. would’ve been dream come true). Yes the combat might not be the best it could’ve been but it did its job more than well enough and didn’t detract from fantastic characters, stories, the world itself and so on. Went right into my top10 games ever. Ended up even buying all the books that’ve been translated so far and read them during summer.

Undertale definitely comes as a close second, though I didn’t play it until this year. Everyone was saying that it’s just the best game ever, and it was literally everywhere for a while, and I just went meh, largely because it was just oozing out of every corner of the internet. Didn’t bother with it but ended up buying last month just because I had nothing to play and wanted something with a good story, and it was really damn good. It’s really something I think everyone should play and experience, and just make their own mind

Rocket League was probably the highlight for me in 2015. The most fun I’ve had while gaming in a while. Playing with friends makes it even better.

This was harder to answer than i though. I think i have to go with Witcher 3. It is just great and shows me that open world games are not dead.
Thanks Ubisoft for making me think open world games have to be boring now.

May be Cliche’, But fallout 4 was just so excellent.

Most of you pretty much said what I wanted to say lmao. Except for Nuclear Throne! The community is pretty strong, but I haven’t heard much about it after it was finally released. It’s a nice bundle of simple and clean twin-stick shooter elements, and you never feel like the game robbed you of anything-- ie. its always fair. :] ALSO THE ADRENALINE RUSH OOOOOHHH

And I’ll second (or third/fourth?) the Undertale suggestion. Been listening to the soundtrack a little too much, and I accidentally robbed myself of the experience by watching a Let’s Play. Probably the only game where I regretted watching an LP… ._.

im really surprised nobody mentioned Bloodborne yet.

Probably Life is Strange. For all its flaws (and there are a lot of them), relative shortness, and lack of replayability, it’s stuck with me more than most other games I’ve played.

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I have to say, it’s Witcher 3. It breathes new life into the open world RPG genre, and blows my mind with the gorgeous visuals, exciting story, and challenging quests. Go Geralt!

Undertale of course

I don’t think I have a game of the year for 2015, because I can’t think of buying any game that came out last year.

After buying Dead Space 3, Batman: Arkham Origins, and Magic 2015 on release and being very disappointed in all of them, I have been very cautious of buying new games on release. Why spend upwards of €60 on simplified mechanics, progress preventing bugs, or regressive unser interface, when I can get a bit older games on discount that are bug free?

I have been playing several hundred hours of Civilization V last year, so I might just go with that.

Favourite game for me was Ori and the Blind Forest. Looking forward to the definitive edition coming out this year. I watched Dodger play Undertale, it’s definitely not my type of game but I could sit and watch someone else play it while I do other things.


Really enjoyed Ori! The movement/gauntlet phases were an evil combo of frustrating and really rewarding/fun.

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You’re just doing it wrong.

I agree, I had to walk away several times during those sections so I could chill out again when I had made the slightest mistake!

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