Europe Sightseeing?

Hey everyone,

In a week I will be travelling through Prague, Berlin and Amsterdam through Topdeck (for work) :star_struck:

I was just wondering if any of you live there/have travelled there, if you have any guidance or must-sees while I’m there??

It would be appreciated :sunflower:


Sorry, nothing left to see. @coralinecastell left the continent a scorched ruined landscape utterly bereft of life, hope and colour.


There’s an old unused bunker in Berlin, idk anymore how much it costs to enter (cause I think you can’t enter without a guide), def. an interesting place to visit imo

Besides that I recommend Berlin at night (literally, not a title or anything lol)


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As for OP, if you like museums one that was, to me, a life changing experience was the Anne Frank Houis in Amsterdam. It doesn’t fit into words. I strongly recommend it.

If you like Van Gogh, his museum in Amsterdam is also very interesting, and has several of his most important works – although both Starry Nights and his most famous protrait, among others, are not there.

Anne Frank you need to book in advance, so if you have any interest, book TODAY. They don’t let many people in at once and it runs out quickly. As for Van Gogh, I also recommend buying the audio guide and going in the morning.

The Rijksmuseum is a work of art on its own, and following the highlights audioguide in the morning, while it was still bereft of students, was one of my favorite experiences.

I also recommend relying on foot and bikes for transportation. The trams are slow, kinda expensive and take forever to show up. I never used any other form of transportation so I can’t speak even for the boats.

Also, buy waffles! Lidl has a good price for them and so does AH.

I hope this helps! Feel free to ask me Amsterdam questions.

Also, where will you be staying? And how long in each city? :hugs:


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I can bear witness to that. In my presence at least three children have been eaten in order to access (summon?) WiFi. How this witchcraft works is beyond my mortal brain.
I can further attest that aforementioned WiFi was used to get the latest memes and funny videos.

PS: enjoy your travels @AcornAvenger :slight_smile: unfortunately I don’t have any tips for these cities as I haven’t been to them yet but I’ve heard only good things about Prague and Berlin.


Despite living about two hours away from Amsterdam, I’ve never been there so I can’t really give any advice on what kind of fun stuff to do there…
There is one thing I can recommend however, which is, buy yourself some “stroopwafels”. They’re pretty much a really thin crispy waffle, cut in half, and syrup put in between.


I’ve been to Prague and Berlin just last year :slight_smile: Berlin seemed really big , barren and boring to me. Except for few main landmarks like brandenburg gate, remains of berlin wall and bundestag ( to which if you want visit i recommend buying tickets BEFORE even going to Berlin via internet ) i didint find much . Except maybe for art galleries.

Prague is way cozier . It has pretty small center so you can basically just walk around whole oldtown. Without much hurry and stopping for snacks and beer it took me whole day to search every nook and cranny . Basically whole center/oldtown is worth walking around :slight_smile: Loots of landmarks. As far as i know ( havent visited it ) there is somekind of church made from human skulls and bones and such little bit further from city center so you might want to check that out/.

But well that’s just my opinion anyway.


While I don’t agree with this in the slightest (and it honestly sounds kinda ignorant tbh), it made me remember something else.

Potsdam is a small city like 30 mins from Berlin, super cute place, there’s also an old prison from Stasi times I believe (but that’s not cute at all). Recommend Potsdam big time, they have a huuuge beautiful park and that old town part…


Aw… I thought it was the cutest bit. :blush:


Isn’t it an extremely long waiting time even with booking? Last time I was in Amsterdam there was a queue running around the block for it.

I have been to Prague, but I didn’t like it. A lot of pickpockets, rude people and bad food (like really bad, that you wonder why they even dare to serve it), but at least the alcohol was cheap. KFC was the best food I had during my stay in Prague. That says something :stuck_out_tongue:

Are you a blogger or something? Seems expensive :open_mouth:


well, if they say it’s for work, chances are work is paying…


No. I waited literally less than 10 minutes. At this time of the year there aren’t many tourists in general and much less those willing to wait in the cold.

Did you go in summer or spring? If so, there’s your explanation. ATM, it’s low season. :snowflake:

I didn’t see a line outside and, also, if you pay very few extra euros you get an introductory talk at a booked time.


Thank you @coralinecastell for all your tips! :smile: and to everyone else as well :sunflower: I really appreciate it!

I am staying in hostels along the way, and about 2 nights in each city :tada:

Strangely enough… I have had these in South Africa xD But I do plan on eating ones made there! Thank you

@M00 is right - work is paying! And I wish I was a blogger that travelled… how glorious.
I work in an operations company for travel so I’m experiencing one of the products :blush:

The excitement!! I’ve already packed my bag 3 times xD


Absolutely awesome. May I recommend you a hostel in Amsterdam? I’m not sure if you already booked but… here’s my two cents.

My first 2 nights I stayed at a dreadful hostel called The Flying Pig Uptown. It’s a party hostel so very noisy and etc to begin with.

They actually mixed my bed number with some dude’s and booked us in the same bed and I was woken up at 2AM by a french bloke going “why are you in my bed?”


So my third night I slept at Dutchies Hostel and they were AMAZING. A whole washing machine of laundry was 3 euros, they had free cookies, a clean kitchen, free coffee, amazing staff, clean beds, warm room, good location…

I LEFT A GLOWING REVIEW. They were literally my saviors from all doom so really, if you haven’t booked yet, I totally recommend them :hugs:


As i said, just my opinion :slight_smile:


Your recommendation sounds so great! :smiley: But it was pre-organised with the tour for the Hans Brinker Hostel

The excitement guys!! :star_struck:


Above of all: have fun! :heart_eyes:


So in my tiredness an mental fog due to a 46 degree celcius (115 farenheit) day yesterday i posted this in the wrong thread. There are a few links in the original post so go check that if you want to see those


My itinerary for anyone curious enough: