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Epic store copying steam data


Kathy Rain was amazing and it didn’t sell well enough to warrant a sequel. :cry:


I didn’t addressed that paragraph, because it might be totally as far from the truth you can’t imagine… fumes is relative therm after all. Only in 1st world countries people don’t try to lie to get more money (that’s what I’m being told though). You are suggesting that epic game saved them when they aren’t successful on their own just to provide food on their table? I can dig that.

I think this happens 99% of the time when a person or company goes like: “Our stuff is so good we don’t need to spent 5-15k on marketing … we don’t even want to spent 5k get our moneys worth few times and spent another 10k after! It will sell like bread.” While smart people save some money aside for some ads and what not and when they pay off - they increase the commercial investments tenfold… But I’m not that good at such kind of stuff, so I’m probably in the wrong here.


dude, lol, what??? plenty of ppl in the 1st world lie for money man wtf

5-15k doesnt do shit man, u can get 1 low-level youtuber to do 1 video for that and that’s it


check the brackets and lets delete posts all together lol?

We are talking about fumes right? So, those companies don’t have much of money? That’s the amount to get noticed and get a mid sized commercial from a decent youtuber. Then you invest more. I need to draw a road map.


I’m sry dude but 1 vid from one small youtuber is not going to do shit, yr gonna spend 15k to get a potential 2k in sales???

if u spend like 300k then maybe u can get 1 million in sales y, if yr game is good, but 1 vid on one channel doesnt do shit ever


I doubt 5 to 15k will be small youtuber, but I need you to provide me the price list and it’s obvious I was talking figuratively in general, because almost no one considers advertising as important and doesn’t mean to be on youtubers or twitch streamers, but though I doubt TB took more than 5-10k for a review. Even after being seen once when someone bites… he tells his friends or it’s a chain when his friends see him play the game.

There’s as well Steam News Advertisement of course. If you don’t plan a reasonable budget for advertisement … who the fuck will know what you are doing? You pretty well know that and yet, you decide to be pesky and funny about the values I used… ok let’s pretend they were 50k and 150k if it will make more sense. After all if your product isn’t good no one will buy it… if it’s good people will talk about it on their own, so I guess no reason to invest in marketing right? Yet… we have the guys with the good games that weren’t seen… YEAH CUZ NO ONE KNEW THEY EXISTED! :smiley:

Which of the companies Epic Game bought over is unknown … I ask again… for the 3rd time (?) ?


dude, TB didnt take money for reviews, u cant trust the reviews of anyone who takes money to do a review, rofl

a company that is in financial trouble and fears having to close or not being able to pay its employees obviously does not have money to set up a marketing campaign either man

and who cares about being known or unknown, was Telltale unknown??? was Boss Key games unknown??? etc.

yr gonna tell me Telltale and Boss Key didnt spend tons of money on marketing???

some succeed and some dont man, 1 guy makes a pizza place and next thing u know he has a global chain while the next guy closes doors after 3 months…


Why are you talking about Telltale? I never mentioned them. Epic bought them?

TB not taking money is great… free commercials happened.


that’s exactly the point dude, had Epic bought them they’d still be around…

but some here would be pissing all over them and cussing at them…

peace man, i think it’s clear as is


Epic wouldn’t have. They had the opportunity. Instead, they made the deal once an opportunity arose to “save” the game under a developer with a clean slate, Skybound.


You are missing the point here… Epic would have never bought them… cuz they didn’t sold well. Epic bought only working studious over. I thought that’s pretty clear so we need to start from the top :smiley:

This is pretty much flood of the topic right now anyways.


Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father.


Hahahha but I thought people are talking about Tencent being a gaming forum :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
If anything facebook is the mostly widely reported on XD The media loves to talk about FB. Stay away from the Zucc.
Google gets away with things more 0.o All their naughty data stealing projects…



This guy gets it.


No, @LordAo, the point is that GOOGLE gets it. All of it. Keep your its safe by using other alternatives:

And back to Epic, it seems like they don’t have much to say beyond that statement on Reddit so… I wouldn’t hold my breath.


We only import your Steam friends with your explicit permission. The launcher makes an encrypted local copy of your localconfig.vdf Steam file. However information from this file is only sent to Epic if you choose to import your Steam friends, and then only hashed ids of your friends are sent and no other information from the file.

This part is such a huge load of BS. We collect a huge dump of your data, but we’re only sending this tiny little bit of it and only when you want us to. Sure I’m supposed to take you on your word then?

It just doesn’t make any amount of sense as everything that they CLAIM they’re trying to accomplish can be accomplished through steam API far easier, safer and with clear and obvious consent from the user. Instead they chose to do it in a shifty way that gives them access to far more information than they should have and behave like good old fashioned spyware.

Just doesn’t add up in my eyes.

Edit: Also that hardware survey stuff. I know someone else who does that, STEAM, once or twice a year. They ask if you want to participate and tells you exactly what data is being sent and what it’s used for.


I’m pretty sure that you have the weight of GDPR on your side.


i mean, the whole thing about it even reading aaall that stuff, before you even ask it to transfer friendlist (“but only sends if you do press the button” <-lol), and decides to do it more than once/when you launch client, just sorta adds to the appearance of it not being so totally kosher. Why read/scan/“encrypt” something you don’t/might wont need, until you need it?
“oh sry minister, you caught me reading your diary?, don’t worry, i won’t actually use any of this -until you tell me to” :+1:


But in reality it’s not reading it, it’s prepping it to be read. There are going to be epic (ahem…) repercussions if it’s shown that any of the data in that file is being used without user consent. Assuming what we’ve been told is true then that Steam data is being packaged up for delivery, but then left there forgotten. There’s no reason for the Epic Launcher to interact with those files, but assuming no information is transmitted from your computer I’d assume that no laws are being broken. Slightly iffy? Yep. Epic likely to be breaching the GDPR? Maybe? But if they are the fines are huge.


there are 2 things to that, my understanding was it did read those files (otherwise it couldn’t create it’s own encrypted file with a hash of your steam friendlist)
but either way, it seemed pretty clear, regardless of its purpose, or reading/prepping, it had nooo business going near a bunch of those directories it did, as in terms of “for program to function” -which just seems odd
(more so when the steam friendlist is a specific file -why you snooping in other data or browser related paths ?)

when i see an enforcement/fine that “matters” from the breach of the GDPR, then i’ll give it some "phew, bro got my back, maybe baddies will reconsider"cloud -until then it’s just a pretty piece of paper that seems to tickle the big companies’ wallets, if that, since clicking an X icon can still be “forced” upon you, and signs away all your rights just the same. “you just have to “agree” to it now”

And would have been kinda fun if the GDPR had had some balls to begin with
"you are not allowed to collect or distribute any data whatsoever at all, which isn’t absolutely vital to the core function of X thing/service"
(because lets face it, no program or service needs all that shit to work),
but that would probably have made too many money making politiciansplayers cry to actually bother to conceive of “proper” privacy :man_shrugging:

i dono, i just think it’s all crock. And besides i still use google because of ease of use/habit, and an old grump can’t be bothered to try out new things, when being so "everything is doom and gloom"anyway that i don’t really “care” much about how they abuse me for their money making schemes. -even my fcn grocery store is pushing an app on me these days :man_facepalming: