Epic store copying steam data

Yesterday, we learned that the Epic Store client was copying a Steam user data file called localconfig.vdf. According to Epic, the client stores a local, encrypted version of the file and does nothing with it unless you opt to import your Steam friends, at which point it sends only hashed friend IDs to Epic’s servers.


must admit, i’m kinda enjoying the conspiracy tirade this sparked :popcorn:
-while the rest of me kinda has a trickle of cold sweat in the back…
meh, it can’t be that bad right? :sweat_smile:


Tencent acquired 48.4% of Epic Games in 2012. Tencent has a history of “assisting” the Chinese Government (read: spying).

Anyone remember the fable of the frog and the scorpion?


Edit: You know what you did.

Cis Und Nicht-binär TransSexuells


I mean, people are using Discord, which was created by a guy using the money he made from selling user data on another software.

I don’t think this Epic info matters to the general targeted public.


Being one of the people who were unaware and targeted by this thing let me just say it mattered to me. Also while I fully agree with you on Discord, as you know I do, one bad or worse actor doesn’t excuse another. They’re both bad and I for one will start avoiding Epic now and continue to avoid Discord.


Cripes, my head will start to hurt. Never searched into Discord’s history - just always hated Skype and it’s the only way I can talk to a family I love in the States.

Surely companies don’t have to be mega dishonest to make money? Maybe they do, I really don’t know how things work on a Macro level.


Do I have great news for you.
Get your family to Riot… no on Riot instead. It’s a “discord clone” that is more focused on privacy. It’s by no means as fully featured as discord, but it has most basic functionality you need for chatting or calling people through.

Except for a push to talk button, for some unfathomable reason that’s a feature they didn’t think of making yet.

Anyway, it’s pretty decent if you just want a free, secure VOIP client.


At first I thought you meant Riot from League of Legends, which would seem kind of bizarre because they are owned by TenCent as well.


dumb ****? rly? very classy, dude


Thanks, @M00. I didn’t see that>


More and more comes out about Epic that I am disliking. The CEO (or whoever it was, can’t remember, big guy on top) said it will take “exclusives and better prices” (the latter of which is good) to replace Steam.

He’s wrong.

It will take siphoning Steam’s audience, and not just with better prices, but by appeasing their desires that they have found comfortable or mostly satisfied in Steam. Which is definitely NOT with exclusives. Because there is one thing they do not like and that is exclusives (I mean, come on?).

I think it is fair to say at this point that if they think offering exclusives to their store is the only way to do it, they are never going to one up Steam. Not even when they are seemingly copying Steam’s data!


I see, Epic’s launcher wants to be uninstalled, I got the subtle msg :wink:


Why can’t they just offer something as that’s as good a service as Valve? Isn’t that what competition usually does? Like give people something that’s unique enough to like them in a different way?

It’s one thing that a game made for Xbox isn’t available on say Switch, but from what I understand, that’s not what Epic is doing - just cadging the rights for games other people make. Dunno.

One thing I like is how for some things there’s GOG Connect. Not sure how that works, but it’s cool not to have to own a game twice over on different platforms.

Ah well, competing with Valve was a tall order in the first place. Wonder what plan Epic had in mind overall?


Fraggles and I have been successfully using Riot to catch up for weeks now, so feel free to join us. :blush:

Also F, you know what I mean: if people don’t give a rat’s ass about Discord in general, why would they about Epic? Just saying the general gaming public is not privacy oriented.

doesn’t mean we shouldn’t inform people about these things, just that Epic probably knows most people won’t look into it.


I couldn’t find anything about the actual outcome of the lawsuit.

however, I found this on discord’s about page:


Yikes guys, I was reading the comments on that PC gamer’s article on OP and I found one that linked to this:

I aim to be this good with words one day.


That was kind of obvious already wasn’t it?
The snapshot games scumbags pretty much said Epic handed them so much money even if all their backers withdrew they’d still have profited.



“god bless capitalism!”


Well my social points must be pretty low there based on how many games I have