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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


It was just guessed at the wrong time. :laughing:


Ye im quite surprised too :0


Oh wow, this is a very pleasant surprise. It’s also nice to see that it looks like the free games are extending into next year.

Remember to pick this game up today, because that’s your only chance.


Bah humbug…is that what I’m supposed to say?


Is something very troubling to you?


is this what we’re doing now?


Well, I just was trying to find out what was displeasing to lead to the bah humbug comment. I tried to look back and was pretty sure I didn’t miss any part of the conversation.


I might be wrong, but i think it’s just sarcasm regarding the whole EGS thing in general, especially considering these insane giveaways.

(so i thought u were doing a bit by asking questions in answer to questions, so I thought I’d join in, lol)


I was just being silly about the whole Epic bad Steam good thing…

Happy New Year! <3


Happy New Year! I still have 8 hours left in 2019… haha!


@YQMaoski sigh… slightly less than 6 hours left. I’m not making any resolutions other than playing the games I own now, when new compy is set up. :stuck_out_tongue: Witcher 3 is not one, but 1 and 2 still count. Hoohah!


Happy new year everyone! I am looking forward to another year of gaming.


I started playing Witcher 1 and I’m not sure I can slog through it any more. It’s a bit… clunky.

In other news, yooka laylee and darksiders is great! Epic has been killing it with these free games.


It’s an old game by now and to be honest not THAT good . They only pick’d up the pace with Witcher 2 and well 3 was just a masterpiece.

But i see playing it as a mandatory anyway if you are really into Witcher.


To give you specifics, it’s the sequel/spin off-ish follow up where it is a 2.5D platformer. TBH, it doesn’t do a great job in sucking me in so far. To me the default keyboard controls aren’t that intuitive and fun for me, but maybe it’ll either grow on me over time or I’ll change the key bindings, which is something I have only done very rarely, and that’s for old games like Unreal and Chex Quest (I have the 3rd game and it runs OK using DOSBOX). I’ll play a little more of it and see if it improves.
Oh and as an update, the Yooka Laylee game was the first time I have to activate the launcher before being allowed to play. Guess it’s only a matter of time but oh well.


It’s much more a CRPG rather than an ARPG. I enjoyed it, and it felt more “alive” than the second game, but it’s successor is much more fun. The first game is a little fetch questy and grindy, and if you’re really not enjoying it just skip to the second, but honestly it’s still a pretty decent (if old) game.


@xist, @Vindace, @DontBeSilly, @choujiacheng

Thanks much for all the input! I do like older games - didn’t get play much in my younger days due never having time. I’ll try Witcher 1 which no, this computer can’t run. T_T If anything, it’ll be a learning experience, lol. Fetch quests don’t phase me and if I can FF grind, I can grind anywhere. There are limits though - if it gets too ridiculous to progress, well switching over to Witcher 2 at that point won’t be so bad, right?


Free Now till Jan 09 at 11:00 AM EST.


OMG! The Warmastered edition too! Spoiled we are! O_O


Agreed! More games I’ve been wanting to try for a while but never made the leap and bought. Not a fan of Epic’s paid exclusives but at least they’re using some of that Fortnite money to give back to the community