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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


Why doesnt Steam be generous like this sometimes :cry:


This is like off the wall bonkers…:crazy_face:

Thanks for the info, Geeky and thanks EGS :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Have you really forgotten the countless free games that’s been given away on steam over the years? Not even counting innumerable f2p games or small always free titles.


I’ve been using Steam since 2015 and it seems that games given away on Steam as well as by third party key sellers haven’t been as high quality or high in demand as what EGS has been giving. I’d love to hear what people think have been their best given away games and be proven wrong.

I wouldn’t accuse Valve of being less “generous” than Epic however, it just seems Epic has something to gain attracting people to visit their store when people primarily shop on Steam.


on steam, not by steam

the question stands

(Has Valve actually even given away any games at all, ever? [except during the last summer sale, that is])


maybe because Valve cannot give away games they dont own?

And beside the Half Life series/ Portal and the older counter strike games, all of their other titles are free to play.


Let’s not fly too far off the topic. We can agree that Steam has different methods of giving away games.

For instance, a good few games were given by Indiegala for Steam, years ago as freebies. Crusader Kings was given by the publisher and we redeemed that on Steam. The last games I can remember getting directly from Steam is like Postal and those Vampire games that were oddly only free for a few hours of a day.

In any case, no big need to compare. Today’s giveaway is a trifecta of good titles. ^^


It was something ridiculous like a 2-3 hour window…


Oh ye those vampire games i only manages to get some of them sadly. Not that they are that expensive to buy i think very often on sale and not sure when id play them. Did want them tho


Valve can giveaway whatever they want, but the have to get permission from the game owners just like epic does and/or pay for the keys themselves (which i assume epic pays the devs some amount to give the keys away for free). They have given away items on peoples wishlists as part of sales before and they make a ton of money so they could do if they want, but I fell they don’t really see a need to.


I mean yeah thats the idea here, that they cannot freely give away stuff they didnt made unless said devs gave permission (sthg a lot of ppl fail to understand).

And unsurprisingly enough, no company will give out freebies nilly willy unless they have a bloody good reason to do so, be it to generate good PR, get people on the platform and so on.

Valve doesnt need to give away free stuff to get ppl to use Steam neither do they feel the need to lock ppl into using their own platform only like Epic tries to.


they can give you anything and pay the developer their usual cut they would get


Since when is Epic trying to lock people into their platform?

And what about all the ways Steam does in fact try to lock people in, from keys to ‘social’ features to the DRM they enable?

Where in the Developer Agreement is this stated?


in that particular case its like they are literally buying the game from the dev like a regular person would buy


by exclusitivity deals, to begin with?

Notice how Valve never bribed devs with millions and millions of dollars to release their games only on their platform and nowhere else.

also i dont think Steam really could be called a DRM, at least not Steam CEG. A lot of steam games can easily be used and moved elsewhere independently of the client and despite criticism where criticism is due, Valve has taken an approach that doesnt punish legitimate users unlike DRM-s of old times such as Securom or Starforce.

Is it perfect as a system? no it isnt. But by far Steams own “drm” is the most permissive one compared to things like Denuvo or Tages or Rockstar’s own nonsensical DRM or the Microsoft Store UWP solution


Once again let’s not get back into Epic vs Steam. As was said by a mod before, there was already a whole topic of posts on it. End results - people didn’t agree and let it drop.

Topic recap: Epic has given away:

  1. Into The Breach
  2. Towerfall Ascension
  3. Superhot
  4. Little Inferno
  5. Ape Out
  6. Celeste (repeat)
  7. Totally Accurate Battle Simulator
  8. Faster Than Light
  9. Hyper Light Drifter (repeat)
  10. Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun
  11. The Talos Principle
  12. Hello Neighbor
  13. Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair

Trifecta day:
x3 games: Darksiders Warmastered, Darksiders II, Steep

Edit: See Mao’s first post, spoiler arrow, for the links.

Think that’s all. In all likely hood, they’re done with giveaways now, but we’ll see next week. Who knows.

They’ve also extended their holiday sale. For those interested, your $10 coupons - on games over $14.99 - are still viable up to 7th January, 2020.

Epic has this in their store now too. Drool worthy:

Many Batman games to try first but meow! :heart:


Darksiders was a regular weekly giveaway, not part of the 12 days thing.
Maybe Into The Breach was one of those?


Wait, what about TowerFall Ascension?
That´s more than 12 games.
I´m confused…


It was 13 games from December 19 until December 31, that was 13 days total…

You can see all of them above in bottom of the first post.


They have done it again…
12 days of free games they said!
Can´t trust no one these days.