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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!




Aha! There goes mein bad memory again. I was counting from Super Hot for some reason, lol. Yup, it was actually 13 days. At least 1 game a day as advertised.


This is not a quote from the Steam Developer Agreement.

Exclusivity doesn’t lock people into the platform. You have to go there for that one game, not other games. (For those other games, you have to go to Steam.)

First, it’s worth remembering that the exclusives are time-limited. These games will be coming to the the other platforms soon enough. Second, these are not bribes, they’re business deals. There’s a huge difference. Third, it’s not “millions and millions of dollars”. Plus, the extra funding for devs ultimately benefits consumers. Fourth, Valve didn’t need to pay anyone for exclusives: the overwhelming majority of games are already Steam exclusives because of Steam’s monopoly.

There are mountains of evidence that easily disprove this claim. Here’s just the tip of one iceberg:


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You’re welcome world. EDIT: Here’s a faster version


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Looks like the next freebie got changed…


No! I was really looking forward to “For The King!”


I was as well. I think they just have a delay in the deal, not a complete replacement, hopefully anyway.


Looks like these Epic Store giveaways will continue through 2020!


$680 million, how? Everyone’s been saying no one ever buys anything there at all.


I spent 30 dollars during the sale there… My first purchases, and given that my Epic library is well over that worth in terms of content…


i wonder how that compares to steam (since steam is notoriously quiet about sales) -and how much of that was actually “fortnite money”

$680 million spent in the store, including $251 on third-party games

does this mean 430mill was spent in fortnite? :thinking:


my mom bought me $60 of games there during the sale :grin:

thx mom, love u vry much :heart_eyes:


Fortnite does have a huge following, but that’s still a bit too much, methinks…

I wonder if they would disclose any more specific details of any kind…


i actually don’t think (assuming it is fortnite money) it’s that far off the “possible” mark,
if i recall correctly, i believe GTA V made similar bucks, and that’s not even f2p cash-shop or with the same following


that’s 2018 though, but so yeah, $430 is a big step down for 2019 then


One possible explanation could be that the monies quoted above has nothing to do with Fortnite…

Because it says that it is the Epic Game Store sales…

I just went to the Fortnite page and you cannot buy anything through the game store page:

So it’s possible that it’s only sales from games?