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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


yea, but then why would they say “3rd party games” for 250mill, isn’t all games on epic third party?, like, how many self published games, besides fortnite, is epic actually doing?


It has nothing to do with Fortnite, for sure, cuz as you can see here, fortnite made $200 million in May 2019 alone:

aaaaaaah, back to work, deadline approacing :robot:


I was trying to figure that out as well… who knows if they consider their exclusives to be first-party or not…

I am more astounded by the 200+ Million free game copies claimed, that’s a mind-numbing number…


yea i thought that aswell maybe, but seems like a weird blunder to make, since that’s not what first party means :thinking:


I completely agree with that. Yet it would make sense that the exclusives would net them the most amount of money, otherwise, why would they even bother doing it.

A blunder or a trivial amalgamation of meaning, only they can tell us if they decided to go more in depth…


ahaha i just saw this
it’s merely cod mw2 boycott syndrome in full effect :rofl: consumers gotta consume :joy:


Maybe third-party means spent in-game, for games like Dauntless?


Epic has one premium game on the store:

It looks like @Mosky is right, and the $251M is most likely in-app purchases in third-party games on Epic’s platform.