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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


If anyone cares : my opinion about Shadow Tactics


@DontBeSilly pets sloth Thanks for that. I was only ever curious about, now it’s intriguing to maybe actually play it some time… some time next year. >>


This is just terrible, they keep giving away games I already have. Why are epic doing this to me? /s


Those monsters…


I bought Hades the other. Definitely my type of game; and for £5, an absolute wonderful bargain. This is the 4th game I’ve bought from from Epic. I take zero notice of people’s opinions regarding them. The red menace is far worse than the West’s capitalist system. West=good, East, bad. Heh.


Oh, Shadow Tactics is excellent. Some of the best writing I’ve seen in games—or anywhere, for that matter. The foreshadowing in particular is just incredible.

This game taught me to save early and often, which has made me better at other games and creative work.

Everyone should play it.


Nuuuu a repeat but good for those who didnt get it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Im almost tempted to buy fron their store with that coupon but idk if im gonna be playin soon.


i’m with you!
i feel like Epic is obligated to only give away freebies in our top 10wishlist, i mean, it’s pretty much our right as gamers and consumers,
what’s with all these sloppy seconds servings?, wont anybody please think of the children? how will they ever amass a big library from freebie games they already own??? #Outrage #CancelEpic #GiveMeFreeGamesIActuallyWant #TheCustomerIsAlwaysRight #NoOneUnderstandsTheStruggleOfBeingAGamer #It’sAHardKnockLife :triumph:
^totally not also sarcasm


If they do another repeat, I do hope it is Subnautica. My little bro really wants it and doesn’t care about the client stuff. It would be a perfect opportunity for him to snatch it up.


wasn’t Subnautica drm free? if so you could just do the family share thingy, i believe @Tencore mentioned (not totally sure if i’m remembering that one right tho)

and also on another note
please do raise your brother right, obviously he should care very much about “the client stuff” :triumph:. How else will he ever rise to the elite and the glorious ranks of the proper and true PC Masta Race gaming?
Must have mainly Steam library, and follow Lord GabeN without question (praise be Half Life without it gamers would be nothing).
Small bonus points for choosing GoG as optional,
but any and all other platforms are heresy, treachery and borderline on console peasantry and should be regarded with the utmost disdain lest he risk to fall among the great unwashed
Glory to Valve, may thee turn our heads forever as we march against the lack of shopping carts and trading cards
praise be, praise be :pray:

last part might be sarcasm


I don’t own it, so I can’t share it. Is it on GOG? If so, if I had it on GOG or something I’d just throw him the installer. :sweat_smile:

Pfffft. I’ll keep him in the dark, the dark icky caves where the console people dwell and are content to try everything no matter what it is on. :rofl:


@urbivore Your right I’m not entitled and they don’t have to do this at all. But, I am allowed to have an opinion. And your right. I did come off as entitled.

@choujiacheng Sorry if it seemed like I was attacking you, I’m just very opinionated. That was a bit much on my end. It’s good that you look at things positively.


oohh i thought/assumed you grabbed it, subnautica, when it was free, but your brother didn’t
yea well if you don’t own it forget everything about sharing it :oncoming_police_car: :sweat_smile:


Wait when was Subnautica free?


wasn’t subnautica one of the first ones that were free, or am i remembering completely wrong?


Might very well have been then. I didn’t know about the whole free games thing for a month or two after they started.


i think it might have been the very first one actually; that’s how i remember it, at least


Yes it was free before on EGS, you are right. I did grab it, but not for myself, for my sister’s account. I didn’t know you could share it through their accounts like that though, that’s neat.




the way i remember it, if i’m remember Tencore right, is whichever account owns it, just need to install it on the machine, then when you/other family member log in on own epic account on the same machine the game is installed on, the epic launcher picks it up as installed and lets you play it
if i remember correct, not sure i do