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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


I wasn’t paying all that much attention. I just tried to look up FTL on their store site and realized it. :smiley:


As predicted…

Free Now till Dec 27 at 11:00 AM EST.


So based on this
and this

and this
the next game is Hyper Light Drifter


I got Hyper Light Drifter before for free from EGS, the problems is that every time I run the game it physically deletes my graphics drivers and I have to reinstall everything.It’s a strange and unique to this game problem. I’ve looked for help but can’t find it which is a shame because it looks like my kind of game.


??? What ??? Weird.


I know but trust me it happens everytime. Only game that does it. Tried everything apart from “again”. I might do “again” just to make sure but it takes half hour everytime to reinstall radeon drivers.


Ok so I just downloaded the game again to check and everything seems fixed! lol. Sorry for my original post. Happy hyperlightdrifting everyone…


Uh, you either had EGS taking priority control of your PC in a fashion that it should never, or you had a virus that just so happens (and that can happen) to “manifest” while you play HLD/access Epic Games. I’m glad it is solved now, but if I were you, I’d run some extensive virus scans just to be sure.


What’s the point of having a repeat? To give others another chance on a game that was already out for an entire week or even two depending on when they gave the game out? Myself and others (because I’m not alone on this one) don’t like repeats. We already have them and it defeats the purpose of Epic’s 12 days of games and everyone likes to have new games. More choices of games for more fun experiences. Sure you make some points, but as do I. The simple solution so everyone wins, is put out another game when they do repeats. But they won’t do that for obvious reasons, so then I would say why not just move on and give brand new games for everyone and look at the lesser of two evils and the big picture and make a majority of people happy instead of those few who missed out. I’ve missed out on stuff so I know what it feels like. Let’s go hypothetical for a second, if they made the 12 days of games all repeats of games that most people already had, which most people would have the repeats obviously would that be ok? I don’t think so. My point has been made.


Hey @onLooSe I didn’t mean to get mad at you. I took it the wrong way and talking on the internet can come off as sarcastic and a whole lot more whether it’s intentional or not. And you didn’t need to apologize, but thanks anyways for letting me know that you meant well. It helped clear things up. Plus I don’t like getting mad or coming off as mad towards community members. We’re all here to have a good time and talk about games.


Good point. I never thought of it that way, especially the situation where Epic Games decides to repeat for all 12 days. But in all honesty I don’t think even Epic would repeat games for 12 days THAT OFTEN (at least I hope they didn’t) because the free games is the only thing people care about the store, and even that is being called into question and criticised as carrot giving (analogy given by someone else in the forums before) or something like that.


it’s rly funny ppl keep saying that though the actual numbers say the opposite:

Satisfactory sold over half a million in it’s first 3 months on Epic store, Metro Exodus sold 2.5 times the number of copies of the previous Metro game on Steam, and Borderlands 3 hit double the all-time-high of Steam Borderlands 2 players on its launch day alone.

Those are facts, not opinion, and you can easily google that information yourself, which is what i did, cuz im just tired of hearing ppl say that no one buys games on Epic store just cuz they themselves don’t.

Again, I don’t give a shit about Epic vs Valve, but i do give a shit about what is fact vs what is bullshit.

Stop spreading whatever bullshit thoughts cross your mind as so-called facts and just google it yourself and check it instead of getting easily rebuked like this.

And I’m only doing this cuz ppl keep saying the same thing over and over again and they’re just talking out of their ass.

and im not saying Epic is this or that or that they’re beating or will beat Steam or anything like that; i wouldn’t even imagine that, and i dont even care who sells more or whatever, and personally i’m convinced Steam sells a lot more than Epic, and it wouldn’t make sense for it to be otherwise, but, pls, enough with the BS.

and i apologize @choujiacheng for the fact that this appears as a rant specifically against you; it isn’t; it’s in general cuz I’ve been reading that exact same comment (paraphrased) for months now, and so it just happened that i answered yours, so pls don’t take it personally


I think people need to calm down please. I don’t want to take any further action.


Reminder: Should be Hyper Light Drifter later today. Second bite at the apple for those who missed it before. Cheers.


No one is entitled to free games. Not even you.


indeed, Hyper Light Drifter is up people


I wonder what the next game is. A skull cap or something. Hmm.


So based on this

and this
and this

The next game is shadow tactics blade of the shogun.

I have finished this game and I would never have guessed it based on the image clue (maybe because the character is so small when you play it).
Honestly I thought this game was ok, I was pretty hyped to play it and liked the mechanical concept, the first few hours were good, but toward the end I was just getting annoyed and frustrated by it and was happy it was over, but that’s just me your mileage may vary.


ahaha the go to for giveaways. lol well I’m sure some people will love it :slight_smile:


My dude, that would be a cool giveaway for tomorrow~ ^^