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Has there been any bitching an moaning about repeat titles? I don’t really hang around places that discuss EPG much other than here.


Lets hope not


Not sure, but you know people and free things. They will ALWAYS complain if it is something they got for free before. They do it for Steam all of the time, and they did it for Origin too. lol


There was a supposed leak guessing Kingdom Come among other titles but at this point i cant trust any leaks to be true.


Yup. Even if it the leak was right, they could always just change it. No worries. Guessing is fun. ^^


Thanks @GeekInUndies for keeping the thread updated :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Wow, if they got Kingdom Come that’d be a little big. I don’t think Warhorse would do that, but who knows at this point. It would give Epic a huge title on their client, though. :thinking:


I am one of them and it has sadly come true. As AVGN would say, “What were they thinking?!” This is such a huge oversight and screw up on Epic’s end. To those who already got this are losing the chance to get a new game because of this stupidity. Yes it’s nice they are doing this at all, but still. It should be done right.


Haha, not around here, and I don’t keep track of EGS much other than here either…


I’m well aware how much you NEED free stuff :slight_smile:. It’s shame they managed to disappoint you so much.


What do you want me to do? Not complain? And I already complained to them so that’s already covered. Also cut the sarcasm. I don’t care for it.


There was no sarcasm at all … that’s the worst part. I’m sorry.


This is why I don’t like the internet at times. Things can easily be misconstrued. Were you actually being sincere? Because it came off as snarky and sarcastic. That’s why I said it. If that’s the case, then my bad. Didn’t mean to get mad at you.


Honestly whenever there is a repeat I just need to be reminded not to get mad. As someone here already puts it, there are people who missed out on it, so when they offer a second chance, why not grab it?
That’s just my perspective, and besides it’s not like it’s there for a week or two I guess. And they are at least having a somewhat consistent schedule unlike Origin back then.


So its TABS today

and i’m guessing its FTL tomorrow

This is the kestrel from FTL




Oh, if it is FTL tomorrow, that’ll please a lot of people. I hear 'em talking about it all of the time.


Yep, will definitely be FTL


What’s interesting is that FTL isn’t in Epic Games store.

So it’s an interesting way of introducing another title to their own store front.


Wow I almost bought TABS a little while ago, thank gosh I changed my mined!


That’s how it’s always been though, I think Little Inferno was the only exception.