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Epic Giveaways: Will Continue Through 2020!


Glad about the super hot i missed out on it when twitch prime gave out stuff. (When i was thinking about gettin it). It looked good and i played that online version to test it.


simply by living in Egypt :joy:

regional pricing:


+$10 off with the coupon they just give u without u having to do anything, and every time i use the coupon (during the sale), they give u another one. I’ve used 2 so far and will use my third after the sales are over (it stays valid for 3 months or so)

there are lessons to be learned by Steam (one of which is regional pricing; how many ppl do you think are able to spend $60 on a game in these countries, percentage-wise? That’s just common sense.)

(I guess someone will accuse me of shilling for Epic quite soon here, but if Steam was to offer me the same deals, I’d be gushing over them here just the same as well. Any gamer will at the very least understand how excited I am with a deal like that. I don’t know how many years it will take for that game to go almost 80% off otherwise, if ever)


It seems the image for the next day’s game is a hint.

What would this one be?


I’m thinking Torchlight or Little Inferno. Looks like a match on fire to me.




I don’t think Firewatch is on Epic.


So far, all of the free games weren’t yet on their store, I think. The real problem is this Valve bought Firewatch’s developer.


Based on the image they showed


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Free Now till Dec 23 at 11:00 AM EST.


Ah, my guess within a guess was right.


Gonna try to pull a @PeteMccLooks like Ape Out might be up tomorrow.


Thanks. Myself, I forgot how quickly these subjects escalate. T_T There were tons of post before mine too, I for one, apologize for clogging the main topic.


NBG. It happens… We all do it…It’s just the giveaways were getting lost in the discussion.


thank you :heart:.

Now then, Little Inferno is a game that I bought and played when it first came out on IOS, mostly because I loved the devs (they made World of Goo). It’s not a particularly deep game, but it does have a pretty decent message, and it’s fun enough for a play through. It can be finished relatively quickly I do believe, so I’d say it’s worth a try, especially for free.


Picked it up. The graphics are mega cute. Didn’t even try to install it on my sweet potato. Tired of being disappointed when I can’t… le sigh. Anyway, is it a short one?


Relatively. I don’t remember it taking longer than a day or two, and I think part of that was having timers on the objects for the story you had to wait on (they are framed in-game as being mail-order, so it worked within the story). I don’t remember there being a way to speed it up but there might have been.


Free Now till Dec 24 at 11:00 AM EST.


Anyone wants to take a crack at tomorrow’s freebie?

My guess is Journey. (or just wishful thinking?)


great game