Epic Games Exclusives Discussion Thread


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Well I played the The Division 2 open beta. They have some things to fix.

If I were to describe it, I would say Battlefield mixed with some Borderlands.


On the topic of Metro exodus, Caddicarus (who introduced a lot of us to Chrono) released his review of it. He was not pleased, especially not with the whole epic games thing.


Are his other videos better than that? Because he immediately misses the point of the controversy (which is what this topic concerns and wasn’t about having to put payment details into a different shop) and then proceeds to be unfunny…a lot.


Recently I’d say there’s been a few more miss videos than hits for me, but it seems alike they’ve generall been well received. I think he has several though that are really good.


He still totally misses the point about the move to the Epic Store though…


The Division 2 not being sold on 3rd party sites after March 15th, following Epic’s deal with Ubisoft


Hey Community!

Sadly we have to announce you that Ubisoft will not allow digital third party stores, such as Gamesplanet, to sell Division 2 after its release on March 15th 2019. After this date, the game will digitally only be available through Ubisoft’s Store and another exclusive digital store. This will also be true for all upcoming game content such as Season Pass, Extensions, etc.

Take the opportunity to buy at Gamesplanet until March 15th 2019 and make use of the …paysafecard promotion as this will be available until the game will be pulled from our stores.

We won’t be able to solve some support requests (e.g. key activated on the wrong Ubisoft account) after March 15th, as we won’t have any more keys to exchange/swap. Please address your support requests to Ubisoft directly for such cases.

Worry not, all purchases that have been completed on Gamesplanet will be honoured. This is also true for gifts, no matter if these have been picked up or not.

Obviously, we are not happy about this decision.

The Gamesplanet Team


this seems a bit out of place


welcome the age of pc exclusives and controlled sale discounts/no competition with incentive for XYZ deal making #Monopoly :unamused:
gg Epic, wp, way to provide “consumer choice” *hollow:clap: :roll_eyes:


Unless there are RIDICULOUS (and I really mean LUDICROUSLY RIDICULOUSLY HUMUNGOUS) amounts of cash involved in this deal it makes no sense to me compared to everything we’ve seen so far.

This is a game that requires Uplay to run anyway and will probably be cheaper via Uplay because of Ubi’s coin discount scheme. They’re losing out on a massive Steam audience being exposed to Uplay again and missing the people who only want to use Steam (although of course this is true of Epic Games exclusives regardless). Plus this is Ubisoft we’re talking about and not a tiny company…

Unless there’s something else going on we’re not privy to.


i think i mentioned it when they did this deal, that it made no sense to make an “exclusive” if it´was still sold on third party stores (which again commonly took 25-30%) -so i was sorta’ish expecting such a move, otherwise it was very confusing

then there is also the conspiracy theorist question, is this just a preamble for a consolidated epic/ubi store “platform” to also might lead the way for Tencent’s store/platform in some strange “merge” between them all. -given tencent has a stake in both already

but yea imo the saving grace from uplay, despite their obnoxious platform was at least they allowed 3rd party sales/deals, which meant some decent steam competition(price wise), unlike Origin which basically just went "go fck yourself"with their pricing(for me) back then
i’m not keen on these types of “exclusivity” deals/“monopoly” as it leads to sorta Blizzard bullshittery with halfarsed discounts/sales -if ever. (ffs D2 is not even sold as a complete pack and will set you back 20€ combined which is fcn ludicrous)
but being the pessimist i am, i’ve been sorta wondering(after EA initiated the split) “when” we might see this stuff start to happen from XYpublishers, given how easy it is to make your own store/download site etc “these days”, -considering the industry’s mantra:
it’s not enough with some of the money, we want all the money

hmm… wonder how long (if) they kill retail all together, and maybe even ditches physical sales here too :thinking: :man_shrugging:


The problem with this situation is that it’s expected that piracy will increase once again as acquiring games and library management (without third party software) becomes a fragmented experience. Piracy dropped as it was easy to have a consolidated group of your games and this multi storefront change worries me for the future.


well, you know the publishers sentiments towards piracy(particular Ubi) has always been utter bs
GoG proving it can work and be profitable, meanwhile paranoid execs tossing 3x drm on titles and region locking -while making sure customers have as little as possible prepurchase “handson” knowledge except for whatever prerelease hype they direct and mandate with borderline illegal marketing practices -in order to bank in as much and fast as possible
(gee i wonder why demos went way of the Dodo)
all while crying diminishing returns and below expectation market performance -with mostly “likely” only one main culprit: those darn dere dang pirates, arrrgh matey
Piracy could decrease and they would still blame it, so when they themselves “force” the increase once again, i seriously doubt things get much worse. Because surely we must have about reached the limits of how they are able to screw their paying customers with phantom problem :skull_and_crossbones: countermeasures :confounded:
meh, i’m not exactly buying many of their games these days anyway… as long as they/the industry “big bois” don’t convince the smaller studios to go completely apesht in some uniform industry bs practice, then they/Ubi can keep putting me off for all i care, -keeps saving me xx€ release after release :confused:


Already happened and it’s only going to get worse. Valve single-handed almost solved PC games piracy, they showed that they understood the issue and anyone who bothered looking could see that they were right. Ubisoft, then EA and now Epic have been doing their best to ensure it persisted and we’re now at the point where the service problem Valve spoke about has made piracy once more an attractive option.


Bad news XCOM fans…


Wow. In the span of one second, everything went FUBAR with no chance of recovery, and nobody leaves happy.

That’s X-COM baby

I have more thoughts on this, still just kind of getting over the announcement. It’s still scummy as hell but handled much better than Metro. Now that Gollop and crew have the money they need, backers are being offered an apology and refund if necessary-- they still got to lend out their cash to make Phoenix Point go as far as it did. Honestly, had I been able to back this game, I would have simply requested a Steam key anyway with the promised DLC, and I hope that’s an option for some.

Also, as the terms of the agreement are awfully similar to Metro’s, it’s pretty clear that this is 100% Epic’s doing.

Game poaching is a crappy thing to do, and I more or less 100% guarantee you that I won’t get to play Phoenix Point until the Steam release now.

This is a huge f___ing letdown, not gonna lie.


I liked your original post… :stuck_out_tongue:

I really hope that there are a lot of refunds by disappointed Steam and GOG users. Phoenix Point have their money now so it’s Epic who’ll suffer most.


“with the expectations of playing it on a “specific platform” -and this certainly changes things for you :rofl: :joy: omg you can just taste it right in the air off his words :sweat_smile:. He knows exactly what “the thing” was. Man that ever so careful tiptoing around not mentioning by name, and the slight shift in tone and volume upon the realization “your outlook has changed” :smile:
that was freakin beautiful to witness

oh well at least it’s just a time exclusive and not a permanent bs thing… -and hey at least they comp those that backed with dlc (guess they better just hope they make a sht ton of dlc the first yea :grin:)
ahahah, sry that announcement just sounded way too hilarious for how “grim” the news were :laughing:


It is a timed release. Just like Metro… not-awful PC release coming next year.


the way i’m beginning to look at these “Epic timed exclusives” is:
by the time they come to steam (hopefully) most of the issues will be patched out, and it’s probably around that time where things start to get a discount soon too anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

i don’t mind waitin’ dev bois, you won’t win in the long run either way :sunglasses: