Epic Games / Epic Games Store News Thread



It was around $28.99 US when I was looking at it, the gold edition, I think and around $19+ for the standard… I can’t really remember, somewhere in that ballpark.


So usuall price, like on other platforms. Thanks.
Hope it will get lower next time or maybe EPIC gives out a new coupon. :slight_smile:


you might still have one actually; i was surprised to realize recently that i still have an active coupon valid till early May if i remember right though i had used one after the last sales ended already, so apparently they still gave me one at that point without me realizing it


Wow! Youre right. Ahhh I missed the deal then. :frowning: Have to wait for another sale.
Thank you so much @M00


Seems like a pretty awesome publishing deal.


what happened to the 88% share? :thinking: :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
(jk, i know that was for the epic store split)


Though will they first take 12% from the sale on Epic store and then half of the remaining sales price as publisher for a final 56/44 split?

I have no idea what kind of publisher/dev splits are normal though.


yea that was my thought too, if publishing via epic, on the epic store; would then result in epic “double dipping” :rofl:
no idea either about other publishers, probably pennies on the dollar if that good -atleast seems like this deal is touted as pretty good, so guess it can’t mean other publishers are too generous


Totally forgot about the coupon! Cheers M00! Got Manifold garden for £5.99. Noice!


Epic Games has reveled Unreal Engine 5 and with it they announced they will waive royalties on the first $1 million in game revenue & Epic also announced Epic Online Services.


Didn’t notice that you have to keep online status to play on Epic.


Changes to Ownership Authorization

i’m curious what this means for the style of “family shared” games, download game with 1 account, log in with other acc and play, such as @Tencore utilized i think i recall ?


I’m excited for Mod support and Achievements can’t wait till those are released and hope soon after they make a forum section and allow reviews on site.


I will check later, but that doesn’t sound good :frowning:


Yea, I think that will make the platform more welcoming to steam users


I think I read somewhere that Epic is not interested in having foruns.

As for user reviews, they’ll implement them, but they’ll be opt in, meaning that the devs/publishers will decide if they want to have them or not for their games.


Considering Epic’s poor reputation, it might become infested with people who dont like the Epic Games Store to where it might be too much a recurring thing, perhaps. Or maybe that is for launch.
User reviews, though, if that is how they’ll do it why not force it in for all regardless anyway? Or don’t? It’s a weird in between and many people would look up the Metacritic and hell, they are using opencritic so they can refer there too.


Yup sadly this does not work anymore with the new update. :frowning: It immediately says you do not own the game and can’t launch it.


ok, sry to hear for your family share
i wonder if this update means it’s sorta effectively “killed” drm free games, and previous games that could be played without launcher must now be tied to it, ala how steamworks does it, or if their previous freebie games still has a lot of drm free games in them. Not exactly inclined to reinstall the launcher to test/see the effect on my installed games, but if so it surely made part of the allure of Epic Games (and freebies) a little less attractive (imo), as the drm free part was actually a + for the freebies and their platform.
dang launcher wars, i wonder who will be next :thinking:


Leaks for upcoming free games.

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