Epic Games / Epic Games Store News Thread



Post anything News or Noteworthy here about Epic Games / EGS whether its Game Announcements, New Policies, New Features or anything you feel that people should know about that is happening with the Epic Games Store.

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Note: Do Not Post Free Games Or Games On Sale Here.


TIm Sweeny Has just came out and said that Epic will be supporting NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW with Fortnite and with any Other EGS titles that chooses to participate even including exclusives.

Click Below to see his full tweet thread.


It’s older news but I was pretty happy that blender and godot got free money from epic games.

Others also got money from the megagrant. But I care most about these 2.


:eyes: Tencent is watching :eyes:

For realsies though, everyone here knows how supportive I am of certain things EGS does and has been doing (not everything, but a bunch of good things), but I also would like to express how fond I am of the CPC. image



Nǐ hǎo gōngmín. Your Social Credit adjusted 50 SCP plus. Long Live the Great, Glorious, and Correct Communist Party of China! ~Your friends at Tencent, Wéi rénmín fúwù!



Over a year and Epic Games Store finally received new features

Over a year and Epic Games Store finally received A new feature…



THAT’s the feature they thought was priority #1? Not a basket system allowing you to buy multiple products at once, a thing every single online store has had from the very beginning. It’s not like they have to reinvent the wheel here, just get it done ffs.




(I know this is racist AF, feel free to flag; it’s a joke regardless and I’m fine with it)


Epic games should try Square space, I hear it comes with full online store functionality and you can start building your website today. Once you’re done and want to buy a domain you can probably even find a dozen youtuber promo codes to use for some sort of discount.


lol that would be pretty terrible if it was their first new feature added, did get a good laugh from that though :slight_smile:


Why does it look so familiar?

Well, it looks just like the wishlist for Fanatical… :rofl:


I don’t see anywhere where to actually wishlist some of the games i want to wishlist…


It’s the little heart next to the buy now in the individual game’s store fronts…

It has a sign that points to it and says, “Click here if you want pointless emails from our automated servers because, well, you just don’t have enough spam.”


great! thx! some stuff i needed it for cuz of their regional pricing or like overpass, which is an exclusive afaik


Oh… If you get a good use out of it, then great. :smiley: I think I will abstain and keep claiming freebies and wait for someone to point out a really good deal to me… haha…


A really good deal? I have bought 4 games from Epic so far, and they were far cheaper than I could find anywhere else. I’m not too bothered about where my games are. I am honest enough to see that ‘we’ are just as bad as the yellow peril. Fook me!, I do get annoyed at the conditioning and brainwashing that goes on in our ‘free’ society. Right, backing away slowly again. Be good! :wink:



Edit: I resized the gif. It took me a while to remember how to resize it. Heh.

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Some Epic Games related news.


Do anyone remember the price of AC Odyssey during last week?
Wasnt on EPIC.