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Endless Space for FREE - Games2Gather - Steam key probably


Official news on the steam game page by the developers ^

Direct Giveaway link >

Steam Store Page - Endless Space - hyperlink

It seems now the steam linking you need to do on Games2Gather isn’t working :confused:, so I doubt anyone managed to get the game. Hopefully it will be fixed soon!

EDIT 1: I can’t even log in now and I’m not the only one :smiley:. Plenty of fixing needs to be done!
EDIT 2: The dev’s message is so bad that actually doesn’t make any sense… Will it be free 2 play or not? Seems not … they are running a Steam sale right now :confused:

EDIT 3: Took them 24 hours to fix this thing… lol, but should be working now!


Bought it for around 5$ back in a sale a year ago or so… never played it :joy:


Nice! :laughing:


It’s SEGA after all… and the “going fast” days with Sonic are long gone… now they will drag until Valentines day :rofl:

I hope it get’s fixed in 24 hours.


I still have it sitting in my backlog too, probably from the same sale.

On the other hand, I can’t get enough of Dungeon of the Endless, another game in their ‘series’ (none of the Endless games appear to have anything but some backstory and resource names in common). DotE just scratches all the right itches, from pixel art to tactical pause to just the right amount of procedural levels.


Anyone else have a problem with linking accounts to get the game? Seems to not work, even if you just want to link your account to the site.


In the OP I explained it’s still broken… so we waiting on the web page people to fix it… when it will happen though - no one knows :slight_smile:


Oh! Completely missed that. haha Gotta read a bit more carefully, sheesh. :sweat_smile:



There’s that comment on the steam news announcement for the giveaway, but still it’s not yet deployed :confused:

Just giving some info of the situation if someone is wondering if there is any actual progress.


the fix is DLC


It’s finally working!

You should be linked to steam already if you tried yesterday, so you just need to click on “redeem on steam” > doesn’t give you a key though… it straight adds the game to your licenses and library. < just in case someone doesn’t want to scroll to the OP :smiley:


Is it just me, or does two of the other rewards state it is DLC for Endless Space 2 but you don’t actually get the DLC added to your Steam library? Or do you need the base game first before it actually gives it to you despite it saying “redeemed on Steam”?


I really don’t understand how this page is working either, but for sure you need the base game to add whatever DLC on steam. It seems they have some reward tiers as well… and point system like alienware or something. It tracks some kind of progress for me in Dungeon of the Endless after I was able to link my steam profile.

I’m not really sure I even want to explore much in this :smiley:.


Well since Endless Space 2 is free for 2 days, I’m going to check it out. It looks a lot like Stellaris so if I like it I think I might try to get it. Maybe they’ll still give the DLC then.

I’m not really sure I even want to explore much in this :smiley:.

Why not though? Is the game boring, or is it because the site is just really wonky right now and it isn’t worth the work?


Because of the site, but not about this fail with the giveaway - I bet it works just fine, but plenty of ppl tried to log in and probably broke something. I took a look at the badges / score thingy and it looks like pretty obnoxious grind in this … just like alienware and from what I saw there are plenty of old users grinding there for god knows how much time. That’s what’s putting me off - better just to stick to play the games instead, but why not give it a shot? It’s SEGA behind it … so I doubt there’s a chance for scamming and pissing their clients off.


That website is really broken. Needs a lot of work, anyway thanks for letting me no.


Well i got my copy of the game.I also got gifted a Lirik sub while dealing with how wonky this site was. What a great day.


I already have Endless Space Collections includes Endless Space and Endless Space - Disharmony. So what DLC do you get?