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Endless Space for FREE - Games2Gather - Steam key probably


I also had it, so nothing beyond DLC for Endless Space 2, but if you don’t own the base game for that, you don’t get the DLC either.


don’t know Nixlz, but ramens gave 20 like 30 min ago, lol

never lucky image


You might get lucky at the end of stream. Lirik said he will match all gifted subs he gets at the end of stream.


ooh, didn’t hear him say that [duh: only see now that it’s actually there in the description, blind, lol]; missed the beginning though, wanna see him play RE2; this anthem shit is kinda so-so; it’s cool, but all these games just start to look alike now, lol


I’m still annoyed they messed up Mass Effect so they could concentrate on Anthem. May gamers never let them forget.


I think Im going to miss this game. Doesnt worth the effort as I read your comments.