[Ended]Switch Qubic Giveaway if you own a one of those qubic games 01/15/2024 - 01/25/2024 (US, Canada, Mexico only)


there we go thats the cheapest entry point…


Pretty cool, Oon :heart:. I got Monster Truck Arena. It was 1.99 so cheaper than Coin Rush.

Also also, vroom vroom! Trucks! :heart::joy:


Thanks @xxoonxx1 my friend.

I know you like my puns, so I’ll reward you with one right now :wink:

They should create a game called “Super Witch” for the Switch, because lazy typists may shorten that game title to SWitch. :nerd_face:


The Witch from SWitch was very very rich
A ham and jam sand-witch was her favorite dish
One day while spellcasting, Alas! She missed
And SWitch from Switch Switched with her sand-witch
That Sand-Witch got ate, that’s the gist!



@Danacscott Love it! :sparkles:

(thanks for not using the “B” word) :pray:


Nah. Didn’t occur to me actually. English be full of words. XD Thanks. :heart:


I’m partial to the Backstitch myself, though good for outlining embroidery it’s not very strong and largely pointless as anything but decoration.


it also looks like we can view the first 10 games…

the only game ik there is mana spark n its pretty fun…


I’m so glad to see Mana Spark. Thanks @xxoonxx1


Thanks again Dear Oon.


Good night, Knight is interesting so far. One cuss word near the beginning.

Combat pretty simple atm, but you can brew potions and craft and maybe temper equipment later.

Yes, it is one of those “gear wears down” games afaik. also also, the NPCs are a bit cracked. My 1st allies are the Knights of the Useless.

Monsters right now are pretty cute, not too large.

Pro cute: Talk to the dog. Srsly. :heart:


ya good knight seems pretty good…


Astro Miner

  • Addicting like Power Wash Simulator but with a vacuum. Pets give bonuses to force, weight capacity or speed.

  • Hire workers to help collect loot and upgrade them too.

  • Buy skins to fancy up your avatar and tools.

  • Get more options as you complete map. In game achievements give coinage for skins or on map boosts like dynamite or magnets

  • Two DLCs @$1.99 each. Only cash unlocks.


  • Drone - carries all the gems you collected to the converter: just stand next to it with your full backpack.

  • Rocket - Hot stuff! Great for breaking up tougher rocks and crystal clusters quickly.

The Moons DLC is worth it. Love the Magic Carpet vehicle. The other DLC unlocks the dungeon portals.


dang good break down @Danacscott


Cheers, Oon.


Mob Control (Base 2 unlocked)

I tried to enjoy this one. Truly. :pensive:

  • Fighting Tools are: Cannon, Units (Normies, Ninja etc) and Champions.

  • Canon spits out Units out at enemies. Multiple pew pew fills a meter that generates a Champion

  • Be sure to move left and right for the bonus sliders and to catch enemies leaking around corners and walls.

  • Battles are random so sometimes opponents are way faster than you. If you get far enough, you get a few points to build your base.

  • Complete a base to unlock more fighting options. Eg.

  1. Normies are balanced in: Strength, Health and Speed;
  2. Ninja, unlocked with Base 2, has a ton of Speed, but poor Strength and Health.
  • You can also change or upgrade Cannons and Champions. The 2 paid DLC have more options.

  • Upgrading fighting tools requires:
    a) Cards from opening booster packs from wins that did a lot of damage to an enemy’s base.
    b) Coins from winning a battle


The graphics are cute. I love the Shotgun animation when firing a Champions.

Simple to learn Strategic game/sorta Shooter.

My Peeves

  • Battles are random - no linear chapters. You can go a good while without winning since other players have stronger and faster units.

  • You have to upgrade to start winning battles, which gives you less coins for in battle bonuses like Fast Charge which lets you get Champions out much much faster (less button mashing).

  • Upgrading Cost means you best likely pick a unit you like and stick with it.

  • When you win the 1st part of a 2 part battle, all units including Champions, disappear. Fair. It is a strategy game after all, (but that annoyed me).

  • Also also, you have <5 seconds to do base damage when all enemy units are gone, regardless of how many surviving units you still have, which = less coin reward.

Pro Tip

When you complete a Base, a Bonus Level unlocks. Attack a treasure chest to get as many coins as you can in 30 seconds. Spending 2k coins to unlock Fast Charge seems a good idea. Champions will break it faster.

Disclaimer: Played for about 2 hours in Single Player Mode. Really not enthused to continue, but anyone with great strats, please add thy 2 cents. Cheers.


@Danacscott i tried it a…
bit spot on how i felt about it…


Finally! Mana Spark. dance dance.

Astro Miner gets a break now, :joy:

Thanks @xxoonxx1 Sorry you didn’t have a good time with Mob Control either. Idk. The balance of the game is just off, making an potentially interesting mechanic the Unfun.