[ENDED][PSA] Intel Master of Game Giveaways (USA Only)

Intel is running a “Virtual Street Fair” from July 15th-18th. As a part of this event, they’re giving away games & DLC for completing missions within the Intel Gaming Access App.

Obtainable games & DLCs include the following:

  • Fall Guys (1) Fast Food Costume Pack
  • Among Us (1) Airship DLC
  • GoatPunks Full Game
  • Cuphead Full Download with Code
  • Dirt 4 Full Download with Code
  • Genshin Impact Master of Game Bundle
  • Fall Guys (2) Dragon Hugger Costume Pack
  • Farming Simulator 17 Full Download with Code
  • Warhammer: Vermintide II Full Download with Code
  • Plants v Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Full Download with Code
  • Among Us (2) Hamster Pet Pack
  • Fall Guys (3) Sugarplum Costume Pack
  • War Thunder – Intel Exclusive Starter Pack (In-Game Content)
  • Battlefield 1 – Origins Version Full Download with Code
  • Need for Speed ™ Heat Full Download with Code
  • Chivalry II Tripwire Full Download with Code
  • Fall Guys Master of Game Special Pack – Inclusive of 9 total skins
  • Fall Guys (4) Future Fashion Pack
  • Fall Guys (5) Icy Adventure Costume Pack
  • Fall Guys (6) Pop Star Costume Pack
  • STAR WARS Jedi: Fallen Order ™
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance Full Download with Code
  • Serious Sam 4 Full Download with Code
  • Subnautica Full Download with Code

Worth noting that you can get 100 XP for completing a survey, which is enough to unlock the first tier of rewards without playing any games. Also worth noting that it seems you’re only able to claim one of the available prizes at each level :frowning:

Full details can be found here: https://game.intel.com/giveaway/masterofgame-2021/learn-more/


Download the app here - https://game.intel.com/

Here’s another useful quote:

Edit: Couple of details. If you’re outside the US, you need a VPN running at ALL times. Also, sometimes the tracking won’t budge until you close the program you’ve modified the .exe from. So if it doesn’t move it should still work. See after 20 minutes or so.

Do you guys not have some of the games but still want to progress? Or perhaps you don’t want to have the actual games running for hours. Here’s a little tutorial for y’all. Find a lightweight program you want or a game. Rename the .exe to match the .exe of the game you don’t have. It may crash if it’s a game (works with Among Us renamed into something else) but it’s fine as long as:

1- The .exe is still running in Task Manager

2- You can see the logo of game/program you renamed the .exe from in Overwolf’s settings page

If that’s the case, do not close any crash dialogue etc… If it’s a program, make sure step 1 and 2 are applied. Here’s an example of ImageGlass being renamed into Among Us. Leave that running the background and you’re good.

Among Us.exe

Chivalry2-Win64-Shipping .exe

FallGuys_client_game .exe

(I need to get the two others .exe names. Remove the space before .exe).


Also be sure to open the exe while Overwolf is running. Close it and then open it again through its game launcher. Keep it open so your task will be completed.

Looks like the party’s over for non-US residents.

Intel flags non-US accounts so you don’t get anything.

They didn’t do so right from the start (only once they noticed how many people were doing this), which is why some folks got level 1 or even level 2 keys, but by now you’re screwed.
They’ll still happily let you rack up time in the app of course and hand you useless master keys.

From - https://www.steamgifts.com/go/comment/l7uFx1U

Also, this:

To those non-US citizens waiting for the codes, well…Intel Lazuto says hello.

EDIT: If the email wasn’t enough, they officially tell you now on the site to go fuck yourself.



It turns out that this giveaway is exclusive to USA.
However if you use a VPN it’ll work just as same.

Also, both Among Us and Genshin Impact have been given away for free on Epic, so it’s time to dust them off and play them at least for this giveaway. You can uninstall them later.


I can’t muster the enthusiasm required to install their app/spyware just for this.


So far I’ve managed to get two games from this giveaway using a VPN.
I got Dirt 4 and the Plants Vs Zombies game.

However I have to confess that the level 2 choices were pretty much a “pick your poison” situation: either I got Vermintide II and had to deal with an imcomplete game where I had to spend some big bucks on DLCs to get the full experience or get the PvZ game and be forced to install another launcher in my SSD and deal with EA’s bullsh*t.

Tough choices, I know. :pensive:


i got cuphead by just doing a survey… yayyyyy


Just edited the main post with an useful info for those who have none of the games installed in their PCs.


So, it seems that it already resetted, and so you can try going for the biggest prizes today. I’m going for the third level, and I’ll obviously get NFS Heat for myself. Let’s hope it’s not an Origin key. :crossed_fingers:


What platform are these games for?


It depends. Some are for Steam, like the Tier 1 stuff while others are for Origin, like the PvZ game and BF1.
There’s also one game for Epic Games, which’s Chivalry 2.


I only have Among Us from the list of games you can play to get points from, and I downloaded Genshin Impact. It said I can play both games for half an hour each and I’d get 200 points for it but I only got 100 points, why was that? Or do I have to play 2 different games twice to get the full 200 points, so I need those other 2 games?


I see :slight_smile: Cuphead would be lovely but as @BlivetWidget stated before downloading some app which will collect my private data or worse … couldnt be bothered.


@themadmax You only need to leave one game open for 5 hours to complete the task.
You can only get 100 points through the two games task.

And some games are already out of stock, so keep checking to see if they restock.


I get this from the app after I try to complete registration
Oops something went wrong
An unexpected server error occured


How do I get progress, just open the game on Steam and it knows?


You’ll have to launch the game from the Overwolf tray icon. Right click on it and then choose the installed game from the list.


Thank you!


One other question, when choosing them how do we know which games are activated on Origin instead of Steam?


Once you redeem the code and choose the game you want you’ll get instructions to activate it on Steam or Origin.


Level 1 keys have been restocked. Go get yours now!


So I guess before choosing it is just a flip of a coin. I assume all the EA games will be on Origin.