(Ended) Gnuffi's Extravaganza Bonanza 🎁, spring cleaning giveaway, round 1 [ALL WINNERS NOTIFIED, CHECK YOUR PMs!]

well, it’s been a while, BUT; here i go again (on my own)

and this time i’m going rogue!, and i’ve chosen all you lot as my victims muahahaha :crazy_face:

Alrighty, hope y’all doin’ fine yes?
Well it’s soon Springtime, and you know what that means, (annoying)birds chirping, teenanimal’s hormones raging, love in the air -or wait, is that pollen?:thinking: dang it!:sneezing_face: -*grumble, “bloody no-good Spring” :unamused:
Aaand of course the yearly “obligatory spring cleaning” :roll_eyes: (gaah, mom i’m a grown man, I can decide when to clean!:tired_face:)
-buuut, nobody said exactly “what” had to be cleaned up :smirk:, so i’ve chosen to dust out my unused game shelf, hopefully for y’alls delight. Well, lets get these attic antics going already :notes:

Now, since no fun is without stipulations, here are the rules:

  1. have 2 Weeks Community Forum Membership
  2. have 8 Badges
  3. List games in order of preference
  4. Can only ask for 7 games
  5. since i’d like some tunes while cleaning: include a song or piece of music, (that you enjoy), in your reply! (YT vid, soundcloud/spotify/etc audio link, whatever) :musical_note:

^if you are able to follow these simple steps, the spoils lie before you *

This week’s undusted loot up for grabs are:

Giveaway will end Friday 1st of March at deal reset(6pm CET).
Will use RNG to decide results, and Winners will be notified via PM on forum; which you then have 24 hours to respond to(reply window ends at Saturday 2nd of March 8pm CET) -otherwise will redraw winners that don’t respond in time.

*(Note, by entering this giveaway you accept; in the rare chance that if a potential key doesn’t work, there will be no replacement, due to Fanatical store policy on past purchases)


HOW COME U NO WANT A BROKEN SWORD TRILOGY :scream: lemme guess, you just already have it on steam, right? or maybe old point-and-clicks aren’t just your thing… Anyway, thanks for the great giveaway! Many of the games are so cool, now I wonder what genres do you actually prefer and are there any games that wouldn’t be cleaned out even if you didn’t use the keys for years

  1. Dex
  2. Dead Age
  3. Deep Dungeons of Doom
  4. Zenith
  5. The Little Acre
  6. stories the path of destinies
  7. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

now musicccc

yes. i may have been a bit too fond of the real tuesday weld lately


I genuinely laughed at that one, hard >.<

Im going to go on a limb and say I wont becasue im not a squirrel… ah yes, spring, where I get dumber becasue of hormones!

Lets see…

  1. Tharsis
  2. Shelter 2
  3. Marooners
  4. Shadow Blade Reloaded
  5. Monster Slayers
  6. Dex
  7. Stories: The Path of Destinies.

As for some music, well, I know everyone is different so dont judge, mixed bag but I like them.

The lyrics are still relevant 36 years later.

Little gem I found yesterday, im sure there are better versions to download but it works for youtube

And thanks for the giveaway, good luck cleaning all that protein laying around the house. >.<

edit/ apparently my mind is in the gutter becasue I read pollen as protein and with the hormone stuff I thought bad thoughts… im not going to edit it, just clarify I guess, holy hell!!


Did i smell free games?

I did!

I would like to enter for :

  1. Monster Slayer
  2. Zenith
  3. Rebel Galaxy

And here’s some music! I really love this group . Pretty much unknown except for u nderground stoner/doom/desert rock fans but they are just great!


i would like to enter for:

  1. Marooners
  2. Gray Matter
  3. Zenith
  4. Broken Sword Trilogy
  5. Action Henk

and for the music time, i’m not sure if it fit the tunes while cleaning


Only the best game on the list for me:

  1. Worms (1995)

Clean on!

Queen - Fat Bottomed Girls
TBoney M - Daddy Cool
Cyndi Lauper - Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Abba - Waterloo
The Beatles - Twist & Shout
Beach Boys- I get Around
Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - Shout


Bless you good sir!
I’ve bought a bunch of games lately(Strider, Dream Daddy, etc) so just gonna leave my musical recommendations and good luck wishes here.

Good luck to all the participants.

  1. Tharsis
  2. Broken Sword Trilogy
  3. Dex
  4. Worms (1995)
  5. Rebel Galaxy
  6. Dungeons 2
  7. Stories: The Path of Destinies

Hmmm… a song or piece of music… I mosly enjoy video game music. And here are few I like:

  1. Dex
  2. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
  3. Broken Sword Trilogy
  4. The Little Acre
  5. Monster Slayers
  6. Zenith
  7. Shadow Blade: Reload

It was hard choosing both the games and the music lol…


As soon as you said “springtime”, this absolute classic popped into my head at 150% volume:

For those who don’t know The Producers, this is satire about WWW II – and for some reason I know the entire lyrics by heart and sing them randomly and loudly with my dad for a few chuckles (talk about bad taste!).

The Producers is a musical adapted by Mel Brooks and Thomas Meehan from Brooks’s 1967 film of the same name, with lyrics written by Brooks and music composed by Brooks and arranged by Glen Kelly and Doug Besterman. As in the film, the story concerns two theatrical producers who scheme to get rich by overselling interests in a Broadway flop. Complications arise when the show unexpectedly turns out to be successful.

TL;DR: two dudes want to get rich by selling 300% interest in a Broadway musical that’s sure to flop. However, people actually like it!

Also yes, the 1968 has Gene Wilder – The Chocolate Factory.

About the giveaway, I’m interested in

  1. Broken Sword Trilogy
  2. Gray Matter

Cheers and thanks so much for doing this! :blush:

EDIT: Didn’t Gnuffi say A piece of music, people? :joy:


Hey :exclamation: I deliberately chose to pass up the contest, so i technically don’t have to uphold the rules. Soooo… Gotcha!

  1. Dead Age
  2. Stories: The Path of Destinies
  3. Deponia: The Complete Journey
  4. Deep Dungeons of Doom
  5. Dungeons 2
  6. Dex

good stuff ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽ ▽

thanks for the giveaway <3


Nice giveaway. Have some woke music from my boy Torcha.


Thank you so much for the giveaway! :smiley:

I’d love to enter for:

  1. Tharsis
  2. Zenith
  3. Grey Matter

Some music (I’m thinking some up-beat, pumping music to motivate you xD)

Good luck with the spring cleaning! :sunflower:

EDIT: I have to add one more :blush:


Thank you for a great giveaway! It only took me half an hour and making a spreadsheet to decide which games i wanted to list XD but choosing the songs I should link was a no brainier!
I’d like to enter for:

  1. Shadow Blade: Reload
  2. Dex
  3. Kill The Bad Guy
  4. Broken Sword Trilogy
  5. The Little Acre
  6. Deponia: The Complete Journey
  7. Shelter 2

And basically anything by Dan Bull

OH!!! I have to include this next one!

Hahahaha! Recognize the voice?!?


Nice to see you back in full swing giving things away again @Gnuffi, as always thank you greatly for your generosity. I would like to enter for the following, please.

  1. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan
  2. Dead Age
  3. Tharsis
  4. The Little Acre
  5. Kill the Bad Guy
  6. Gray Matter
  7. Savage Lands

As @coralinecastell so helpfully reminded us I will refrain from going over board like the rest of the entries here and will just post a mere piece of music for your enjoyment.

Though I can’t help myself and here’s something from a few people who’ve taken a whole lot of pieces and made a full song out of them, amazing stuff really.


As always @Gnuffi thanks for the giveaway!

I’d like to enter for:

  1. Tharsis (Strategy, Boardgame, Difficult - What’s not to like in that cloud of tags?!)
  2. Rebel Galaxy (space…)

Here’s one of my morning listening tracks, while making breakfast for my family (needless to say my kids are not in the kitchen at the time)


Well ain’t we busy? :stuck_out_tongue:

  1. Stories: The Path of Destinies
  2. The Little Acre
  3. Zenith
  4. Shelter 2
  5. Broken Sword Trilogy
  6. Dungeons 2
  7. Dex

Here’s one of my clean frenzy go to songs. :slight_smile:


So you little gnome want a sneak peek of what I’m listening to, sure. I know you’re trying to trick us with giveaway but in reality you just want some good tunes to make yourself a nice playlist for the spring break. Gotcha!

Also, this reminds me of a nice youtube gameplay from a fellow bloke, so I might give it a try if I win. :relaxed:

  1. Rebel Galaxy

That means is my turn.
I already have some of them and i loved playing them. so now i see…

  1. Savage Lands
  2. Dead Age
  3. Deep Dungeons of Doom
  4. Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan

Now lets see some of my fav songs:

  1. An Ytmpv of one of the soundtrack of Donket Kong
  1. Another half ytmpv and remix of Megaman X
  1. Another remix of Pokimon

And thats is for me, hope i win some of them and the others win something too n.n