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Early Access Games- Do you ever buy them?


I usually tend to wait a bit before diving into these, but Fanatical Had this for 18% off and decided what the heck and picked it up. I love Stardew Valley / Harvest Moon type games

I’ve yet to pick up others that have been sitting on my Wishlist for…ever. I was really between this and Staxel, but that minecraft style just makes me feel so sick after long sessions.


My first EA game was The Long Dark played it for 2 hours and haven’t really touched it since even tho its been out of EA for awhile and has a story mode now.


I remember my first experience was with Starbound. After losing progress twice I just swore off all games in EA. I know other titles have way better experiences, but it’s always made me wary.


I buy all kinds of early access games: The Long Dark, They Are Billions, Project Zomboid, Streets of Rogue, DayZ, can’t remember but i think This War of Mine was early access. I’m sure there are others and one of the games on my wishlist called Atom Rpg is early access.


Well it sounds like you’ve had some positive experiences and have no qualms with them. :slight_smile: Definitely makes me more comfortable taking the plunge again :laughing:


i can’t recall exactly how many “EarlAss” games i’ve bought, not very many i think
i tend to stay away for a couple of reasons
1 ofc being playing a alpha/“beta”(some devs don’t seem to know how much content a beta actually needs to have these days), has it’s own set of problems and limitations, which i’m just not all that willing to waste time on. Why deliberately bother play a buggy mess etc?
nr 2 reason being continuity
depending on dev cycle it can take a looong time before you get a decent “near finish” product, meaning if it has any semblance of story or progression you keep having to halt your experience, and get it in chunks every couple of cycles/months(note how infesting ea with survival games don’t “suffer” this)
And i’m just not the type that want to keep returning to play a game in chunks to eventually get a cohesive experience -hell telltales Episodic model was hard enough for me to swallow, and early access is often much worse/longer
nr3. being burned
one thing is preordering because having been swooped away by the hype train, and then get let down, that can happen, being a slight dumbass is ok.
But with ea you have no inkling of an idea if the game will even ever get finished to a near complete state, much less if promises will be kept or issues fixed, even despite if getting “finished”. It’s like forking over money, with nothing but a hope “please don’t screw me over”, to a guy with a creepy smile in a back alley…

such a shame there are so many rotten or sour apples out there, because some ea devs are totally committed to doing good work and fulfill the goal. It’s just difficult to not be a bit jaded at times,
so even if i pt 3 might not apply, i still defer to 1 and 2, i do prefer to get my game “in 1 go”


I’ve been known to purchase Early Access games from time to time. A few that come to mind are: Slay the Spire (which I just picked up during the Lunar sale), Dead Cells, Airheart, and Super Arcade Football. If there is a good deal and the game is pretty far along in development, I typically won’t hesitate. Some games like Slay the Spire and Dead Cells are already very polished and totally playable.


As a rule I typically avoid early access games, anything I do have has been part of a bundle I’m sure. Biggest issue is paying for an unfinished product that may wind up being something I don’t want to play. It may just be a sign of age but I don’t like the idea of paying for something that isn’t finished and may never be finished, I don’t even like how games constantly need updates to fix things after launching.


Ah, remember the good old days when games came on cartridges, CD’s/DVD’s and that was pretty much the end of it. No patches, no updates… You played it and learned to like it no matter how broken it was :smile:


Yes I do. I know there are examples of game breaking bugs from the bygone days but it pales in comparison to more modern games. The whole race to release and just patch it later approach is terrible.

I wish every company could take the CD Projekt Red approach and release their games “when it’s ready” But that’s not going to change any time soon.


It really depends… Often I look for Let’s Plays of Early Access games to see how good/playable they are, and then decide wether or not to try them myself. Also, recent Steam reviews always help a lot in evaluating the game.
So far, that has helped me steer clear of the tons of abandoned EA garbage on Steam, but has actually made me purchase a few promising games like Subnautica, or The Forest, which I never regretted and had a ton of fun with. :grinning:
So I can really only tell everyone who is looking at an interesting EA title to just check some recent Let’s Plays of it. By now you’ll find videos about literally any game on YouTube, the market is oversaturated to the brim^^


I bought RUST once.


Criticize EAG’s all you want. I’ve seen its successes, and its failures… but in the end, it’s the program that let me play Killing Floor 2 for 100 hours, up to two years before the developers deemed it “finished.” Do your research and you can generally have a great time. The same goes for GORN, Paladins, RimWorld, Prison Architect, and a number of other games that used [or still use] the system well.

If it’s already in a state that you’re happy with, why not buy in a bit early and deal with the occasional bugs or weirdness?

Now, keep in mind, I own Starforge too, so I mean it about being cautious.


Yup, sometimes I can’t contain my will to play. I have a few right now. Some I follow closely and take part of the discussion forums and bug reporting, while others I wait for big updates and play when I can. I get baited by youtube videos of them sometimes. :persevere:

Released ones that I bought during EA:


And there was only ONE ending. And it was horribly translated… but you earned it!


I almost forgot about Starforge! After that, Conan Exiles, and Paragon I’m done with EA titles now. :pensive:


I’m not particularly against them, but I have not purchased any early access games. I play almost exclusively single-player games and I don’t get into fandoms, so I don’t care about timeliness; I’m quite content to get a game long after release. By then, the bugs have been worked out as much as they’re going to be, and it’s easier to find reviews that deal with long-term flaws and merits instead of hype and first impressions.

Anyone here ever buy one of those early access games where the devs want input on the game’s general direction and want suggestions for major features? That’s the one sort of early access I don’t think I’d ever support, but I’m curious to hear if anyone’s had good experience with that style of early access.




Three games I decided to buy in early access was Darkest Dungeon,Factorio and Star Citizen which I will hopefully soon get my money back as I’m done waiting and have other uses for the money I spent. As far as other games that are still in early access I usually wait or if I do buy them I play a small bit of the game thats available but I hold out for the game to be finished before I go deeper into the story.


Why is that even discussed? It’s like saying pre-ordering is bad… yes it is. I bought only games that I really didn’t cared that they are in early aces like Vagante for instance… and I really don’t care if it get’s finished… it’s great even now. You check stuff before you buy and you for sure wait to see how patching and updating goes … Kickstarter is even worse - makes you pay for an idea and I have plenty of those, trust me…

Back in the day you go to buy the CD of the game and that was it … you can’t complain when you willingly pay for unfinished products. Take my 2 cents.