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Early Access Games- Do you ever buy them?


I bought Starforge for one of my friends that loves that style of game, feel bad now for doing that to him. I avoid early access like the plague, however sometimes I don’t mind buying them to support the devs but I don’t play the game until it reaches 1.0 status. Examples of games I bought early but waited: Darkest Dungeon, Survival Ark Evolved, Kerbal Space Program, Prison Architect, Armello (surprise), Star Citizen (still waiting), and whatever EA games that have been included in recent Humble Bundle monthly bundles.

I have a strong incentive not to pre-order games, with a framed Dungeon Siege III pre-order receipt for $62.67…because the game was very disappointing and nothing like the previous two games. Because of that, any money I throw at devs before a game is released, I consider it a complete donation - I just want to support the people making the game, regardless of how it turns out.


That is what I try to do. I have done beta testing but I am a terrible reviewer. I just go blank.:confounded:


I find that just recently, the early Access games no longer Play on my Machine…I mean now the system requirements are high enough that my old PC cannot play them…Even more specifically its my Processor that will not. Memory as well 3 G is not enough any longer (My computer is actually 2.5)…I like developers to put Trade Cards into the Game…TY. , Or my Joke here is that "Or else my cannon to left will Shoot the non -cards Dev’s.


@Shalandir Tell me about it… I don’t even need a frame. I’ve got the Necropolis cover art sitting on the wall behind my monitor, and I’ve got a boxed copy of Overwatch: Origins Edition sitting next to me every time I even consider a preorder. I do my research now… and all things considered, I have to say, Metal Gear: Survive is looking like a potential preorder. I just never learn, do I? :man_shrugging:


I didn’t mean to hijack/distract the thread by turning it away from Early Access games on to anti-pre-ordering, but yeah. My perspective is very unique because 1) I have degrees in both Computer Science and Software Engineering, and 2) I’ve actually conducted real alphas and betas. When it comes to public beta testing, my opinion was and still is that the game should be 99% complete. The only reason for a public beta test in the old days was a stress test for servers to make sure they could handle the flood of players, and even today that should still be the focus.

My main arguments for not having the public playtest a 0.3 or 0.4 or whatever number (it’s all arbitrary) pre-release is twofold: expectations will be set (generously or detrimentally), and a lack of knowledge how to properly report bugs. Most gamers do not know what to look for, how to search for, or how to report a bug once it’s found, even when expressly given the tools to do so. Yet so often we see buggy piles of manure released on Early Access without a proper line of communication to the devs to easily list bugs encountered, which bugs have been noted, which bugs are being fixed, which bugs are already fixed and will be squashed in the next patch, etc.

Not to mention my pet peeve - content, art styles, and levels still being designed in Early Access. I’m willing to give some games a pass in Early Access (like PUBG) because they already have their core gameplay loop done, the mechanics are in, the art style solidified, and content mostly complete, but then they ruin the mostly finished state by having some of the most asinine bugs in programming history, so no, bad PUBG. It shouldn’t have come to EA as soon as it did. An obvious example from my previous list was Star Citizen - no way in hell am I going to touch that before release, it’d ruin the dream. Does that mean PUBG or Star Citizen are/will be bad games? No. I happily threw my money at Chris Roberts because he already earned my love and respect for his other space games, plus i wanted to be part of the internet zeitgeist resurrecting the space genre. If the game itself fails, fine, but I won’t consider the money a waste - the money wasn’t to buy a game, it was to support a giant project that has changed game development forever.


Personally I think The Long Dark was one of the most fun games I’ve played in quite a long time. It’s well stylized, has great voice acting, an interesting story mode, a sometimes challenging but doable survival system, and it got me and my hubby push through the flu so it has a special place in my heart. Definitely check it out, see if you like the finished product.


I tend to avoid them but I’ve bought a few. I’m considering grabbing Fighting Herds, a great looking game in the Skullgirls engine. I’ve been following it since the start and it seems to be on track.


I only went EA for Killing Floor 2, and that was because I put 200+ hours into the first game and trusted the developer due to the quality of their other games.


So, another one of the titles from my list have escaped early access, Northgard is now released! :rofl:


Another great early access title is Factorio, I’ve been playing that game long before it even came on Steam.

Dead Cells is also a great early access title! :slight_smile:


I try not to much anymore. If I do, it’s something I’ll buy on discount then not touch until it’s actually complete like mercenary Kings and cross code. If it’s a free to play early access then I’ll play it though.


Well, I recently bought Dead Cells with the 33% discount and I’m having a BLAST. Brilliant game despite my dislike for every single one of its single parts (roguelike, metroidvania, platformer) – which speaks volumes of how excellent it is.

I’ve had very unpleasant experiences with SNOW and Dream, though.

Other games I’ve acquired on EA are Astroneer (currently discounted at 20% btw) and Empyrion – both of which I enjoyed and recommend.

Overall, the EA experience has been a mixed bowl for me, but despite the downsides, I think it’s a great thing developers have the option to release their games in EA. Ultimately, I’m of the opinion that the issue with Steam is not unfinished EA games, but the influx of games being way higher than anyone can keep track of, resulting in an absurdly big the catalog which allows for questionable games (and developers) to permeate the market – regardless of the games being EA or not.


I very rarely buy them, one exception would be Dead Cells, it’s really good and fairly complete for an EA game.


Slay the Spire is so good at the moment I might not even wait until release to play it. Very much enjoying the weekly updates and watching streamers


It is vry vry good y, got it like 2 months ago cuz their updates are rly consistent too and even 2 months ago i felt the contents at that time already validated the purchase. I’m not rly playing it atm, but i do have 47h in it (and still some unlocks remaining), which is a LOT for me, that makes it my number 9 game for most played on steam, and i cant wait to play more when they add another hero and stuff.


Subnautica, 'nuff said.

Seriously, this game is pure greatness, and I am very happy I bought it during Early Access and thus supported the development towards the final product. It’s one of my favorite games, and one I’d recommend to anyone. Early Access done right.

Also let’s not forget The Forest. My second favorite survival game (after Subnautica) and one I’ve had countless amazing hours with varying groups of friends with. And in singleplayer, I still find it terrifying af :smiley: Not to plug myself, but I recently made two singleplayer videos on my channel, and there’s definitely more to come. And also multiplayer with some of the aforementioned friends (those who are willing and capable of speaking English the enitre time, since we’re all a bunch of Germs^^)
Once I finally get real decent internet (mid-August, if I’m lucky), I’ll be happy to join anyone from here on a little trip to the island :slight_smile:


*does a DJ Khaled impression*
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I’m from the future, you’re gonna like that game.


Cool, what else happens? Do I win the lottery? Does Vanquish get a deal-of-the-day offer?


This is the best I can do…