E3: 2018 Conferences Over.

Prepare yourselves for the Electronic Entertainment Expo better know as E3 as it starts today June 9 at (check your local time below).


Share your joy, expectations, sadness, anger, disappointment and why not, your hate for corporate greed too because we all know this is what is all about :smiley:

Jokes aside, what are you expecting of this year’s show? a game announcement? new DLC or update? a new service? or perhaps as rumors say about SONY, a new console?

Personally I’m not much of a sucker for whatever companies want me to get hyped, and I know most trailers are just rigged presentations; I just watch it because “shiny” things, but I know some of you would go OMG, this the best thing eva!!! or Not again with this friggin BS!!!.

Regardless of, I know some will be watching because “new games”, some won’t because “waste of time” along with some others in between, but no matter what you think of it, above anything else, please, stay calm and be polite.

Now get some popcorn and get cozy for the show!!! If you want that is.

EA’s conference is done and over and boy it was boring, but if you missed and/or wanna watch it again for some weird reason here it is.

See how I didn’t put “the” before EA now @harith?

So! another on the bag, good games, no cringe, much better than EA’s, although, since this is a console briefing and not just a single company, it was kind of expected. Here’s the vod for your enjoyment… if you want of course.

The last one for today, Bethesda managed to impress while staying more or less the same, good announcements and games from the same franchises you know and probably love plus a lil teaser for what is to come, take a look at it, or don’t, it’s your choice.

And then there’s Devolver, I… I don’t know with these guys anymore…

And here it is, the most disappointing “conference” so far… I mean, not really it’s just a video a-la Nintendo… but worse, it’s a short one too, so here you have it.

Ubisoft, with more of the same stuff we expected from them, both cringe and game wise, although, that Beyond G&E2 prerendered trailer was cool, as well as the new Assassins Creed.

Don’t forget to pick your free copy of For Honor by the way

The PC Show… which I skipped cuz… I couldn’t care, but if you saw it, tell us how great it was.
No link sadly, because I couldn’t find someone who uploaded it without their obnoxious voice over it.

And the last one of the lot, which I missed, so if you excuse me I’m gonna watch it now…
Here it is if you missed too…

I know Nintendo is next, but c’mon, it’s just a video.
– But you put Square’s too!
Alright, I’ll put once it comes up.


it’s called E3 though, not “the E3”, just like we don’t say “the Inferry”


EA as always didn’t impress at the E3


But what if you do say it like that huh? HUH?
Just look at @Truly there.
But I’ll edit it thou.

@Truly The only thing I was interested in was Anthem, and that was bland as f$%&!.

pretty sure @Truly was saying it like that cuz it’s funny now

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It’s “E3” if you use “E3” as the (nick)name of the conference, and it’s “the E3” if you’re using “E3” as an acronym for the full name of the show. It sounds fine if you say and mean “at E3”, but weird if you mean “at Electronic Entertainment Expo”. Neither is wrong.


Look at you and your sneaky edits :unamused:

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nope, u use the article “the” with “initialisms”, like “the FBI”, where u pronounce each letter individually, but not with acronyms, where u dont pronounce each letter, hence it’s “E3”, but it would be “the EEE”

that’s why we don’t say “the NASA” but “NASA” and we do say “the CIA”


only edited the title after u edited yr post, k? yr editing yr post meant the title could be edited too imo, wouldn’t have done it otherwise, was just doing it cuz it was faster iso also being like “hey man, now u also have to edit the title”…

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“Out of the depths I cry to you, O Lord; Lord, hear my voice!”… why has it come to pass that one singular title from the EA Conference has actually stirred a smidgen of hype in my otherwise cold, cynical heart?

BTW EA is still the devil!


I said that because I was about to change the title when it changed on me and got the note it was you, I’m not actually mad :kissing:, now if you excuse me, my burger is getting cold.

@GeekInUndies Oh yea, I nearly forgot about that one, I’m only hoping it doesn’t become another Ashen, I’ve been waiting on that one for quite some time.


I was only poking fun at the nitpicking.

Seriously though I’m not really looking forward to seeing much at the E3s. Seeing more of Kingdom Hearts would be neat I guess. I also hope Nintendo sells me Animal Crossing again… it’s my FIFA, I will buy it even if they change nothing.

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haha, k, enjoy yr burger man

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I believe I’ve said this already, but… I couldn’t care less about E3. Greedfall will be behind-closed-doors, and Crackdown was delayed to next year. It’s 2015 all over again; the crap will come out in Q3, and the good games are going to take up late Winter/early Spring of next year.

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oh look, companies deviously convincing consumers to do their marketing, promoting and campaigning for them…
-let me put my beer down so i can proper jump on this train, that is heading off the cliffs…

“you darn kids with your rollingbladers and rapity rock songs, turn the music down ya hear! :triumph:, my prunes are getting disturbed” :older_man: -“and pull yer pants up dagnabbit gd darn gudfernutin hoodlums!”

-srs tho, fuck e3 and the hype mentality it has bolstered… :man_facepalming:


I’m pretty sure people are more excited to see which conference is gonna be a trainwreck this year and just laugh at how bad it all is, that’s 90% of the reason I watch it


I’ll probably tune into the Microsoft E3 conference. I’m actually excited for those because I’ve been impressed with the way Phil Spencer has been turning around Xbox, and there’s been plenty of announcements on the software side that have made me drop something and go “OH, NO THEY F___ING DIDN’T!” The Xbox Original BC in particular made a mess of my desk, and trust me when I say every drop of spilled coffee was worth cleaning up. (also I’m a clumsy idiot)

I’m probably going to give the rest of the conference a miss, though, simply because I don’t really care. I may tune into whatever THQ Nordic has to announce, maybe Konami’s as well if they have a main presentation (probably not), and I was interested in Focus Home before they threw out Greedfall.

Hype levels: minimum :frowning:

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No don’t get hyped, don’t feed the hype machine and never get on the hype train it only has one destination: Disappointment Central.

NOTHING You see at the Ee-three will come out the way it’s presented to you.


@Fraggles Objection, your honor: XCOM 2 was everything they showed and then some, and Sea of Thieves has probably the most honest E3 trailer of all time.

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Sure a trailer can be full of nothing and then you find out the game is as well. But that’s not how the game was presented, they certainly tried to make it look like it had something going on.

I don’t even remember the xcom 2 presentation but I’m pretty sure you’re wrong. :slight_smile:

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