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Dying Light free play weekend on steam.



Dying light is having a free to play weekend on steam if anyone is interested. I seen a couple people with it in their wish list. @delenn13, @Silk


Thanks for the heads up :slight_smile:


Thanks, @terryndonita :heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Definitely interested!


I wanted to see how much the game was actually going for since it’s on sale. I found the price for just the game but it’s kind of lame that I had to do some digging cause they’re just displaying the price for the bundle with the season pass and DLC on the store page @___@


yeah what is the price, I tried to find it on the store page but couldn’t find it either!


Looks like the base game is on sale for $6.79 USD


and then the rest of the game content is 55€


Looks like while the free weekend is on you can’t even buy the game outside the bundle? kinda weird. Kinda lame.


I was wrong $6.79 is for the following dlc. Can’t find base game price.


Thanks for sharing, gonna try it out. I only ever played it on console, where it performed so terribly I got queasy.


Well it looks like the discounts on the DLCs last until 3rd of March so it seems to me like whatever discount the base game might have will last the free weekend and then some. So should you desire to buy it, you likely will have the opportunity to do so.


Looking into it, the prices for the editions should release sometime soon. I’ve never seen a game go free for the weekend and not have the buy option ready, but okay. :joy:


if you go into the bundle you can see the price for your region. this is the price in CAD

But there is no option to buy it on it’s own. I guess if people want to buy JUST the base game they’ll only be able to once the free weekend ends and the ‘play now’ button changes back into a buy button lol. Seems like Steam overlooked this in their store page testing.


Thank you for the heads up buddy :v:


Oh hey they fixed the store page!


put a shocking amount of hours into this game
The developers are the Best!
the way they have supported the game post launch is gold standard thus have my loyalty moving forward i cant wait for DL2


Oh man I hope I have time to play while it’s free. I’m busy most of the day today but hopefully I’ll have time to install it and play a bit tonight. Going to have to uninstall FFXV to make room though (FFXV is huuuge)


@TheEthicalPixel I totally agree with you. I wish all developers cared so much for their projects post release. The amount of content they have released after launch is amazing.


Did you all enjoy the free weekend? I didn’t end up having time to play, I had plans with friends both days. But I got to play a lot of Smash Ultimate so I still consider it a win xD