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Dying Light free play weekend on steam.



It was a pretty perfect weekend game. I think you get pretty much your fill of everything the game has to offer in about 5h and then it starts getting stale and samey. I think I put about 12ish or so in and I have no desire to play any more.

The free running is pretty neat for a bit but the only impressive part of it is how fluid they’ve managed to animate it. It’s not that engaging from a mechanical stand point and pretty quickly it just becomes about getting places rather than being a fun activity of it’s own. The map feels surprisingly small once you’ve been around it a couple of times and the thrill of exploring the place is replaced with just wanting to get through the place the fastest possible way and you’ll pretty quickly establish routes you’ll follow every time.

Fighting zombies has never been particularly interesting and this game is no exemption. The various types of zombies don’t really help mix combat up, just makes it more tedious because instead of hitting the regular zombies 3-5 times you gotta hit the big ones 100 times. Spitters, runners, boomers and so on don’t change much either.

Night is a little different, stealth actually matters for starters, but with your trusty super radar vision it’s not even that hard to avoid the stalkers. Just makes things slow, which for a game primarily focused on running around at break neck speeds, I guess it is a change of pace.

The game early on pretty much tells you there’s no fall damage. But it also fairly early introduces a skill that lessens fall damage and I have no idea what that’s about. I jumped off of one of the highest towers I could climb without so much as chipping a toenail.

Overall not a bad game, just couldn’t possibly hold my interest for long enough to get through the main story. I played on hard, though I think I’d recommend playing on normal. I saw nothing that made hard more interesting other than probably ramped up enemy hp and damage.


I bought this game a year ago right here from Chrono. I felt just like @Fraggles . About a month ago I finally decided to give it another shot. I now have now completed all main and side missions with 55 hours in the game. I ended up enjoying so much I wanted more so I purchased the season pass on sale for the following dlc. I think the problem is your character starts off weak and gets better with the skills you apply but before it starts getting fun it feels more like a chore. Climbing does get old so you eventually get a grappling hook. There is also another map you will get to in the base game roughly the size of the original map. Fighting zombies and humans becomes way more fun once you start finding good weapons. Ranged weapons help with the big guys but will alert all the running screaming zombies. I don’t know how you had no fall damage as I have died a lot from falling. I think it is a fun game but there is a couple hours of gameplay that feels like a chore before it gets that enjoyable.


That fall damage thing is weird. Unless it’s something they changed recently. I’ve never taken any amount of damage from falling. You can probably tell which of the radio towers I’m at in that SS, it’s the first one you’re tasked to go repair, so you can go test it out if you want.

Though I’ve jumped off all 3 radio towers with no ill effect. One of the safe houses is on top of a very tall apartment complex which you’re basically invited to jump off of with ramps. Though they suggest you try to land on a pile of garbage bags I rarely bothered to aim for them and hitting hard ground you don’t so much as stumble a step, just hit the ground running.

The tutorial has you jump off a damn crane, how can there be fall damage in the game?


So I didn’t play this weekend at all since I have been playing it for awhile now and have been busy. I just got on the game to record myself dying from a fall and I can not fall to my death or get anymore then a tiny little bit of damage from a huge fall. I don’t know if they changed it for the free play weekend or what but you are right @Fraggles. Right now fall damage is pretty much non existing. Falling from the crane or top of the tower even just turns screen black and starts you where you were before falling. it used to show red then (you died) with a restart at a safe house from falling from such heights. Normally you have to aim for the trash piles or you will take severe damage or even die. I spent skill points on cutting fall damage in half and the roll from a fall because normally falling hurts bad.




super crane = no fall damage

thx google (now i can get back to work without having to wonder why there was no fall damage)


Thanks @M00! :grinning: