Do developers get compensation for games bought with coins?

Might be a dumb question, I assume that they would be compensated every time someone buys their game with free coins but I wonder how that really works?

Does Chrono buy a bunch of keys in bulk that they offer to the members for coins? Does Chrono offer a set dollar per coin value and compensate developers based on how many copies are sold via coins?

  1. It seems that such is the case y, though it is also not impossible that some developers give a number of game keys to chrono to offer on the coin store (which in the end would be “free” marketing for the game too).

  2. This would not be possible as there is a set number of copies available only once the game is offered on the coin store; this is known and proven by the fact that a percentage immediately appears as soon as the game appears on the coin store.


I just want to say that number two could be possible. They could estimate with the developer how many would be the maximum limit they choose to use for this deal arrangement. Then the developer would release a key to them as needed up to the limit. This would preserve costs and liabilities for Chrono while maintaining the publicity attention received. So the percentage displayed might just be the percentage of keys released towards the agreed upon max limit. As I am not privy to the details of whatever actual arrangement Chrono has with anyone, this is all speculation. I just wanted to point out a way that it COULD be possible, since you suggested it would not be possible.

However there is a simpler reason to suspect the more likely possibility that they already have the total number of keys once they show the offer. Because the offer persists until bought out entirely.


It is not possible because:

  1. we would notice the shift in percentage, it would have to move back down when keys are added
  2. ppl wouldn’t be complaining constantly because they missed such or such game as lots of games sell out very quickly
  3. games that sold out super fast (some did so in less than 2h) would suddenly be on offer again as keys would be added

you see, some of us are here every day and read every single post and see exactly what goes on in the coin shop as it happens… so we do have a pretty good idea

i also do seem to remember that it has been confirmed at least once that chrono does in fact purchase keys to offer on the coin shop, but since i do not have actual proof for this i did not mention it in my first post; and that might also have been speculation in the first place, so it’s basically not worth anything, lol

in any case, yr argument seems like a very complicated construction just to argue how it somehow would be possible regardless of the fact that it wouldn’t make any sense whatsoever and go against what is actually perceived in the coin shop with the percentages etc.


None of your three would be evident if it were the case and they do not rule out the possibility I suggest. I get the idea that you don’t have very good reading comprehension, as I am talking about an agreement between the two having been made, and these would only be noticed if both parties chose to violate the agreement for whatever reason. So none of the three things you suggested have anything to do with possibility and the scenario I suggest could be possible. I recommend you pay attention better next time before you make a non sequitur reply.

yes, i completely agree with u and humbly apologize; i will also start thinking about a different career path as it is now obvious to me that i should no longer work as a proofreader since reading comprehension is quite an essential requirement for that; i thank u profusely for this eye-opening and life-changing interaction

i will also think deeply about retiring altogether from the internet and whether i should undertake a yearlong vow of silence


Quick quick @delenn13

It’s all kicking-off!

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nah dude, i just admitted crushing defeat, so the discussion is actually over [trust me i’m done arguing this]


Case closed / not option 2


Defeat??? Here I was going to suggestion everyone chipping in a dollar and getting you a full year of Grammarly. :innocent:

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thx dude, that’s exactly what i was referring to and i even tried to find it but failed to do so


thx but i don’t use any automated systems as i believe that will lead to (perhaps different) mistakes due to reliance upon them; i rely upon research when in doubt :slight_smile:


If being corrected and criticized leads you to completely dismiss everything that points out how wrong you are and your only response is to be overly sarcastic and dismissive of actual constructive replies, then maybe you should retire altogether from the internet. You don’t win anything by ignoring my points and being a snide idiot. You’re just being an idiot. It won’t make you not wrong. You are still wrong. Sarcasm isn’t an “incorrectness” eraser. I get the feeling that perhaps you’re too attached to your online presence and online personality to objectively view reality. Kind of goes along with your clear and complete lack of reading comprehension. Well it’s either a lack of reading comprehension or a deliberate intent to misrepresent and not address any actual points made. But long ago I learned to never attribute to malice what could be attributed to stupidity, so unless you give me good evidence that you’re malicious, I’ll just continue to suspect you suffer from stupidity. I have more evidence of that, anyway.


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Said as he argues with two random people on the internet.
Look who’s an idiot now.

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Constructive replies? It was more condescending than constructive. Then you start name calling…

So either apologize or Go back to whatever internet you crawled out. There is no reason for you to act so arrogant and abusive.


Your irony is hilarious. All I did was point out that his non sequitur response suggests poor reading comprehension. That is neither arrogant nor abusive. Neither is pointing out idiocy abusive. Everyone is an idiot at some point or another. Being an idiot is simply human. Refusing to correct one’s idiocy is the problem.
I’m going to guess that, as that poster clearly has an ego trip problem, you know the poster and you’re siding with them arbitrarily because of whatever reason. I humbly suggest you re-evaluate things objectively or recuse yourself from the situation in favor of someone less biased.
But we all know how it goes, the social order is disrupted and no matter what I do you’re going to hate me no matter what. I’m not going to apologize because I simply did nothing wrong.

I am not going to argue with someone who thinks it’s their right to point out faults of people you don’t even know and not suffer the consequences. It’s rude. You don’t just take it upon yourself to appoint yourself the judge as to how people should be. No one called you out…you just butted in and started your ramblings.

I don’t know why you assume that now I hate you…as we all know what that means.

But you were wrong…and you need to apologise