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Do developers get compensation for games bought with coins?


Oh, I’m not saying you have to argue. You’ll do whatever you want, that’s your right.
Look, I had a point to make about the particularity of whether a thing is possible or not. That was my first post here. Of course I just jumped in. This is a public forum for any user of this site to post on. That’s… kind of the point of forums. A place for many users to read and post in a conversational format. If you wanted a private Kool Kids Klub with no girls allowed and no disagreements allowed you should have made one that is invite only. But as this is a fairly standard forum, naturally I saw no reason I couldn’t share my observations about the claims and provide my unique input.
Do you really think that nobody has a right to point out faults of people? Why not yell at KingJamezJr for calling us both idiots? Does he not have a right to point out the faults of people? He’s got a point, after all.
As for who I judge… that’s natural. Everybody judges everybody else. That’s just a natural result of having the freedom to think and as a result of having interactions with others. Every time you interact with someone you judge them on some level. Of course I have a right to judge people. By my own standards and for myself. I’m not suggesting any kind of official action against the other user at all, though. That is a different sort of judging.
I will not apologize because I did absolutely nothing wrong.


Just consider yourself warned. Be nice :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Duly noted. Free hugs for everyone.
One claim per person, offer ends in exactly one hour.
I’m nice, not rich.



Thanks! That answers that.