DLH 4 free games

So if you’re willing to jump through some hoops to get some free steam keys, dlh.net are offering 4 games.

Currently I have an issue collecting one of the games so let me know if it works for you.

requires Facebook account

Games are:
New India East Company Gold edition
Commander: Conquest of the Americas
Pirates of the Black Cove
Knightshift (I have an issue getting this one atm)

How to get the keys:

  1. Sign up for dlh.net at StackPath
  2. Verify email
  3. Go to StackPath or click your profile and select Steam Keys from the drop down.

The next parts require you to have ad block turned off if you use one.
4. Click on the alert icon below any one of the games (thumbnail).
5. Authorize Facebook via the pop up
6. Like the games via the site
7. You should get an option to “collect steam key” or something along that line. Click on it.
8. A pop up should open with something that requires you to click on the square that it asks for. (Example: Click on the smallest red square). Do this until it give the option to redeem the key.
9. Repeat step 7 and 8 for each game. (Again I have an issue getting Knightshift. Please tell me if it worked for you also maybe what browser you are using)

Update: Thanks to a reddit user I managed to fix my issue with the Knightshift giveaway by manually liking Topware Interactive on Facebook.

Well I hope this works out for whoever does it.

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