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Division 2, Rocket League, Metro Exodus and more on Epic Games, NOT Steam store


The only reason I have epic games launcher thing is for the free games loool I wouldn’t buy anything there, even if the games are cheaper. Though i’m glad for some competition I guess… idk really. Probably would more though just likely mean less accessible titles like the netflix vs amazon prime vs other competitors type thing. A̶l̶s̶o̶ ̶f̶o̶r̶t̶n̶i̶t̶e̶ ̶s̶u̶c̶k̶s̶

It was weird to see steam go as far as make a public announcement about the whole game withdrawal thing. So is quite a big deal really.


Seems metro exodus got removed from steam altogether. I just noticed it’s gone from my wishlist. I figured it might get removed Deep Silver was still using the steam page as free advertising.


It’s probably just the store page. Good riddance, using a store to advertise a different one isn’t just scummy-- it’s the element of scum in its purest form.

Just to be clear, what got me about it is the way it has no buy link and a giant announcement gushing about how much better off customers are thanks to Epic exclusivity… ON THE STEAM PAGE.


the only exception is for Bnet, they made their launcher for their game, the launcher works great and it doesn’t try to go become a marketplace.



To be honest steam is in the same boat. In a way its worse than epic’s page steam has red caution symbol with warning.


At the same time though the few times I’ve had to got to Steam Support they normally eventually get it done, mean while Epic just basically told me to “go fuck yourself” when I needed to use their support.


I get what you’re saying. i’m sure epic is terrible but i just figured i’d point out the BBB ranking for steam isn’t any better. I get all the epic store hate they are doing pretty shady shit but lets be real steam isn’t saintly.


I get what you’re saying. On the other hand we all know that Steam is actually fairly decent with its support, overall. And all we know about Epic is that they tell customers to piss off. Really makes you think.


I never had i problem with steam support. I would’nt even bother with epic even knowing my most hyped game just went to epic. To be fair here when i replied to OP comment it wasn’t to give a personal opinion on what i think of this or that. I posted to point out the fact people are talking trash about epic because epic got a F on BBB when steam the almighty itself has the same rating.I mean you cant shit on something for having an F when the company you support has an F on the same site for the same reason. It’s ok man i’ll never tell you how to feel everyone’s feels different. I just hate it how people make epic out to be the anti-christ for shady game deals when steam sells scam asset flips, games infected with bitcoin miners and trojans, games that cant even be launched because of missing exes. Steam only removes those things because after people make such a big stink that they have to otherwise they wouldn’t for the sake of money.


Fair Enough. Looking through the list of complaints, some of them I feel like Steam has limited capability to do anything about.

For example:
“Consumers further allege they purchased a game based on the features advertised, however when playing the game they found the features were not as advertised.” I feel like this is similar to No Man’s Sky, which was an issue with the Developer overpromising than Steam. I’m sure there are cases that the Store Page is incorrect, but how can Steam effectively determine if it’s in the game or not. I feel like it’s more of a dev issue.

“Consumers allege their accounts were hacked, and items in their account were stolen.” I think this is more likely someone accidentally provided their account details to a spoof site or bad passwords than Steam.

But yeah, Epic and Steam both have the same rating, and I didn’t check. That’s my fault.

After looking at it further, it appears the system can be readily abused for bringing a company’s rating down, but then again, I’m not 100% sure how their rating system works.


Remember when we could just buy games we loved and enjoy them.


Looks like Epic Games has regional pricing too:

I could pre-purchase Metro Exodus for $19.99 and buy Darksiders III for $25.99, for example, which is another thing where they completely beat Steam in, as on Steam I pay US prices though I’m in Egypt…




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  1. i cant even buy games on Epic, only on Steam, that is well-known here
  2. some ppl here actually know my real identity, and that includes ppl in management (I once asked them if they needed a proofreader and sent them my CV)
  3. yr nothing but a sad troll who looks for conflict (perhaps yr name actually indicates that?)


1 - I don’t know you. That’s not even a point. And if you can’t even buy them on Epic what would your argument for regional pricing even matter? I suppose that I would have to know why you can’t buy them on Epic, but I really don’t care why you claim that. It doesn’t matter.
2 - I don’t know you. Also not even a point.
3 - Incorrect. I am not a troll. I will say that I see you posting a lot. If you post a lot someone will disagree with you. Disagreement is not trolling. Also what does my name have to do with a suggestion that I seek conflict? You make no sense whatsoever. I suggest you use a dictionary and learn you a few words, and you will understand my name. It has nothing to do with external conflict.

  1. it means i have nothing to gain regarding how Epic is perceived; i’m vry neutral regarding them; my argument for regional pricing matters in that i wish Steam would do the same instead of making ppl in this region pay $60 for a new game, something 99% of ppl here cant afford (obviously). yr insinuation that they would be paying me and that i would just do this for money or whatever is simply insulting to me
  2. u said u might give up yr integrity under an alias, which does not apply to me since i’m known under my real name to certain ppl here
  3. It does not relate to external conflict, but it does indicate internal darkness; i dont associate internet trolls with internal light, as u can imagine

i think i’ll just ignore u from now on


@Nigrescence Disagreement does not need to be antagonistic,
Stuff Like this is antagonistic:

Feel free to bring your point across on these forums, just don’t do it while insulting others, that is not allowed here, you have been warned.


And just so people don’t come in asking me where the rule is about this (though I seriously hope some common decency would also just make it obvious) please see this excerpt from the FAQ

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