Did not had time for pick BUTCHER key.

So … Because of my country timezone i was sleeping when the new games on coinshop was released and didnt have time to pick, when i was awake, the games wasen’t avaliable anymore. Is there a way to still pick him? Or maybe trade with someone for another game?


You snooze you lose.
If you’re real lucky someone might consider a trade, but by how quickly the keys went the game seems to be something people actually wanted so I wouldn’t hold my breath.


What time did it sell out? It was up all day yesterday until the wee hours.

Ironically, the same thing happened with The Bug Butcher. It sold out pretty quickly (compared to most coin shop games) and people were upset about missing out. I guess the lesson to be learned is whenever a game has the word “butcher” in the title it would be wise not to delay.


Happened almost the same for me with The Bug Butcher lol, but i’m not upset anymore, don’t be lazy next time bruh.


Someone got out of bed on the wrong side this morning! :rofl:


Maybe there were fewer keys available compared to other games?


Not happy that I missed a key either. Would have gladly paid 4x the asking price for a copy.
But that’s what I get for being on holiday.

Problem is there’s literally nothing else to do with those 16k points.
Would pick up a copy of Brigador too if that was still an option.

Seems this website is a waste of time (Brigador and Butcher were already on my wishlist and all the advertised games are rubbish so no one else seems to be winning by my being here either).

What’s the point?

This is a common question, which frankly seems somewhat ridiculous. Now you’re not alone in asking in, so don’t think that I’m addressing only you, but if you considered what you’re asking you’d realise that you already know the answer.

Chrono.gg is a site that deals with publishers/developers/publisher-developers to secure deals on a selection of games. Every day has a new deal which you can view on the main page, a bit like another popular site’s Star Deals. Now, Chrono.gg and the team want to encourage traffic, and for people to view the daily deal and perhaps purchase it. So they introduce a loyalty system - the Chrono Coins. The bread and butter of the site is people making the purchase of the daily deal, but for whatever reason they’ve also decided to implement a system where you can potentially pick up a game for free. It’s not the main point for visiting, but perhaps it can be regarded as a thank you - you might recommend the site to others and they may in turn buy the daily deal.

Now the question is, why do you expect a never ending supply of awesome games available for free? Now I like free stuff as much as the next person, and with an 8 year old PC that’s dicing with discobot’s death variable every time I power up I need to save what money I can, but it’s easy to see that the balance of the site is not toward the coin shop, but to the side that actually keeps Chrono.gg up and running.

How often will you go into a shop and leave without buying anything but get free gifts? I’d wager infrequently. The coins you get and the games in the Coin Shop are perquisites of being a member of the site. It only costs you a little time, and in those moments you might just see a deal on a game that you’re interested in on the main page.

And on the other end of the equation, the dev/pubs of those “free games” can’t just give out innumerable free keys as it’d impact on their revenue stream. It’s a delicate balance designed to encourage word of mouth and the potential for future purchases from those teams.

In short…if you genuinely feel that less than 5 seconds of your time on a daily basis isn’t worth it for the potential opportunity of a free game you’ve not heard of, then no one is compelling you to waste it. You also may well miss out on a bargain price of a more popular game that you’ve wanted for a while.

Also, I hear the forums are kind of OK too…

(I’m actually surprised that as an Indie dev you’d ask the question?)


man some ppl are unbelievable

y that’s what u get for going on a holiday, omg, the horror of missing a game cuz u were on a holiday, the suffering, how do u face it and survive… u must be so strong


shame on u chrono for putting this game in the shop while some ppl might be on holiday, obviously rigged af, i think the UN might get involved if u keep these evil practices up


I also want to complain now. I am VERY ANGRY at chrono, u see, i decided i did not want this game, but now that i see how passionate ppl are about it, to the point that they lose common sense, i have decided that i do want it, but lo and behold, IT IS SOLD OUT, WTF chrono, WHY U DO THIS??? It is obviously your fault that i did not want the game at first, though i have like 13k coins, and now that i do want it, being freed from your sorcery, u no longer want to give it to me. I think we should all unite and hire johnnie cochran for our class action lawsuit, but look! johnnie cochran is already dead, FOILED BY CHRONO again



I don’t want to rub salt in anyone’s wounds, but I just want to say:

I’m sure glad I snagged a copy of Butcher before it sold out!






Got my copy too.

Set an alarm for new games in the shop if it’s that important to you? It’s a set time every two weeks right?


I feel like games that are very popular and in demand and on sale for $10 or more should warrant a higher coin cost than $3 games that no one wants.

This could be an automatic system that charges you more the less keys are left which is even more incentive for people to grab early keys but after the halfway mark people really need to consider whether they want the game or not; if they don’t want it that much they move on; everyone is happy.

Now in this specific case the dev heard our feedback and has put the game on sale for a week at $3.99
(7hrs left - get on it).
But that’s not going to happen every time so this is some good feedback for future scenarios…


Varying the coin value depending upon key numbers doesn’t sound like a good plan. What would this achieve as far as the current coin shop games go? Popular games disappear quickly enough already, and this sort of system would punish those in unfavourable time zones. It’d be like the daily deal increasing in price as the timer ticked down. Personally I can’t see how this would remedy any perceived problem with the system.

As far as coin values and key allocation goes, and with the Butcher as an example, I feel like the scenario that happened is an ideal situation. Chrono generated interest and hopefully those who didn’t get a key picked it up in the steam sale. You may not value certain games, but other people do, and the publishers donating keys may have certain caveats regarding pricing, so there’s never going to be 100% transparency in the system. Overall, barring a few peculiarities I feel the Coin shop pricing has been fair.