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Diablo 4!?



I would like to be excited but it’s Activision Blizzard we are talking here about so yeah. I will wait for more.


Looks good! Also I’m excited for that Diablo 2 remaster.


After the shitshow D3 was and Blizzard’s recent dumpsterfire I’m certainly not holding my breath for this one.




Definitely more excited for the D2 remastered than D4…


Do you not have phones?


Well why do we need phones? Hmm
In all seriousness, the cinematic looks cool and the graphics this time are far darker and dreary than D3. I’m feeling optimistic but as some already said, I’m going to hold my breath and see whether it delivers. Remember D3’s launch?
And I’m about to say something hugely controversial (probably the worst thing I ever posted here): I don’t think Diablo Immortal looks bad. I’m actually kind of eager to try it out whenever it releases (doesn’t look to be near, that’s for certain lol). That is unless the game doesn’t get great reviews (generally I avoid games rated 4.0 or below on the Play Store).


i definitely need to work on reading comprehension. carry on.


Ok so I understand that Blizzard needed to come out with Diablo 4 after the bad reception of Diablo imMobile.

Game is up in the air as to quality…but that cinematic is pretty good. A gamer who was a Diablo fan at any point would be excited seeing that trailer.

@choujiacheng. I agree that it doesn’t look bad. At the right audience, it probably would have turned out well. But they advertised it to a PC audience. Hilariously bad mistake. Now it’s hated because its cool to hate and it points out Blizzard silliness. I mean, some Diablo fans would definitely had tried it just to see how it was…Now though, political Blizzard is entering crazy territory.

We’ll see…


Majority of true fans will play just for the lore, but not be invested in it to replay and grind gear, just the main story on normal and that’s about it. After all the recent blizzpoopoo, maybe not even the Chinese audience will be grinding.


since we know i can’t let anyone enjoy their things or have fun:

that said, New Hat Diablo !!! :crazy_face: please don’t fuck it up, please don’t fuck it up, please don’t fuck it up :crossed_fingers: they are gonna fuck it up aren’t they… :unamused:

at this point i’m just waiting for Grim Dawn 2, unless some other arpg comes along that can hook me the same until then, while a decade pass… :disappointed_relieved:
juuust need a fix to keep me clean and off WoW classic :weary:


Have you tried Victor Vran ?


yea, it didn’t grip me completely, started to lose me someway in the middle i think, one day i will complete it tho just to see the end :sweat_smile:
i’m keeping an eye on stuff like last epoch but looks like it’s rough going early on at least.


Rumors of Riot Games ARPG is what you’ll be hooked on.


Oh , Todd … ( yes i know this is not Todd Howard but i call all of these lying CEOs “Todd” now ) .

Toddy , Toddy , Todd.


He mentions accepting accountability for whatever it is he’s supposedly apologizing for, the largest failure I see here is that he says absolutely nothing about what that entrails. How is he accepting responsibility for this, what are the consequences to him his actions has brought?


You know…


he had to pretend he was really sad and remorseful for a few seconds, and then he got to embrace the compassionate forgiveness of the live audience and feel good about himself and how everything is sunshine and rainbows now and everything is forgotten

u cant talk about it anymore, cuz he (Blizzard) was forgiven, and it’s as if it never happened image


Lost Ark, please