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Diablo 4!?



I just thought the cinematic was awesome, but really i’m still sad w/ Blizzard


it is, that’s probably the problem with blizzard, they make the most awesome cinematics ever, so they can make any game look good (or make a crowd forgive/forget)
i still get excited by the LoV trailer or WoW etc,
I just need to see the actual game before i dare get my hopes of for diablo 4 being anything worthwhile (for me), and they aren’t gonna do something scorched earth style like adding proper chinese mtx or something on top of a real money AH or ultra grind fest with minimal pay off just to keep you active in the “loive serrrvice”

still not so sure those other 2’s gave it up “willing” tho, but hey semantics, devil’s in the details, or rather Lilith it seems :smile:


It’s not gonna release anytime soon, and you probably won’t remember anything of the kerfuffle. :rofl: Like always, it will be a different game when we get to play.