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Devil may cry


I am a really big fan of devil may cry i played almost every game except the new one
but i want to replay Devil May Cry 3 do you guys know how i can get it ?


Additonally you can go to Is There Any Deal and look for the best prices available. You can also put them on your waitlist to be notified if they get bundled or below a certain price. If you’re okay with the so-called grey market you can also look for keys there.


If higher quality graphics don’t matter too much, and perhaps you still have a PS2 sitting around, or one of the initially backwards compatible PS3s, you can get a copy of the PS2 version for really cheap. I just looked on ebay, you can get used copies for a couple of dollars.


My recommendation is the HD Collection. It’s missing a few effects (mainly in 1) but runs great. The original PC port (3 Special Edition alone on Steam) is garbage. If you have any questions about higher resolutions and minor tweaks, I can help you out there-- I run the game at 4K through the INI and I’ve been working on a Dualshock prompts mod for someone else that I had to put on the backburner for a while.

Either way, gamepad only beyond this point.


can confirm, DMC3 was horrid to play with keyboard, there are keybinding options but each time I had them setup it wanted me to go back to the original setup. It uses JKLI keys to give you an idea, I got used to it but it wasn’t ideal


I played it like that aswell With WSAD for walking and JKIL for attacking and other kind of stuff
it was really great and it was kind of my childhood


As @YQMaoski said you can get a copy for the PS2 no problem, they are often around 10 dollars (or would be for me).

Even download it and burn it in a CD. I did it with some old games for the PSX I bought in their day but are non functional anymore (because well, even if you take good care of them they survive around 22 years or so usually, VHS rarely survive the 25 years mark for example).


Alas, the 5th in series is out. No system to run such a thing, so hopefully some Youtuber will make a video of their playing it.

I found the controls for 3 weird, but I got the stand alone on Steam, not the HD version.


They are definitely around, that’s for sure…

Lots of good memories with these guys… :grin:


The controls of DM3 were really really good for PS2. So, that’s maybe the problem. I often find that fight games are awful to play on keyboard. Have you tried using a controller?


I tried using an xbox controller and I don’t think it worked so well either, I can’t remember what occured but I remember I didnt like it and found keyboard to be a little better, maybe things are better on a playstation 2/3/4 controller


Good memories with DMC2? Excuse me?


It was such a long time ago, but at the time it was one game at a time. I was younger then and I didn’t really have any problems with it. I thought they were all quite fun.


Aye DMC hasn’t aged well and DMC2 even less so, still fun games though. DMC3 on the other hand is still just amazing.


I don’t know…I have a soft spot for the raw simplicity of the first game. That and the time it took me to S rank the whole thing…hours of pain fun!


Well it definitely deserves credit for (imo) basically creating the genre but it is as you say a bit simple and… weird compared to something more modern like Bayo.
It’s one of those games that is a bit painful to go back to solely because of the improvements made in the genre.


Eh. You can still kind of get into the game, and it’s great from there.

DMC2, on the other hand, was a bad game when it came out and even worse now. I say this with zero nostalgia whatsoever. It’s BAD.

You can boot into it and it seems all well and good-- a good intro cutscene, an okay first level if a bit slow, and an introduction to some basic enemies, plus the new gunslinger stuff is cool. The jumping seems janky, but interesting.

The moment you get past that first level and realize how shallow the mechanics are, it’s all downhill from there. By the end, you’ll be suffering.


I will fire it back up some time and report back. :slight_smile:


I forbid you from doing this. I care about your safety and well-being, and introducing someone to DMC2 isn’t the kind of thing I want on my conscience.

Tell you what. If you refrain from it, I’ll actually get into making YT content again as soon as I can and do a full playthrough of the game. I’ll suffer to save others.


Old thread but a good place to complain that Fanatical is tempting me to do something dumb to my budget.

@CptMold What’s not so good about DMC 2?