Dark Souls-like Games

Any fellow Dark Souls fans try the recently released Immortal Planet? I have some money in my Steam wallet and am considering buying. It is described as “an RPG with Souls-like progression and challenging, methodical combat that rewards patience and punishes recklessness.” Opinions?


You reminded me that I haven’t checked the new releases in a while…

I do like what I see and will probably grab it later. If you haven’t checked Hyper Light Drifter, take a look, it’s similar but with it’s own style. It was released last year, I highly recommend it.


I have Hyper Light Drifter but haven’t gotten around to playing it yet. Waiting for the right mood, and a day when I have more than 30 minutes of free gaming time, to fully appreciate it :smiley:

same :smile_cat:

sure does feel like such a shame certain games just sitting there waiting to be played, collecting dust in an ever growing backlog

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The game is good, really fun gameplay, great interactions.

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I’ve tried it, it seemed pretty solid but I didn’t enjoy the way it handled healing. From the little I played it seemed similar to Bloodborne in that you have to grind healing items, but in Immortal Planet you didn’t seem to keep them after death.

If you don’t mind grinding a little in games like Dark Souls you may find it quite enjoyable.

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I forgot about this game :smile:. I was thinking about buying it, back when it launched, but ended up getting Hollow Knight instead. Still plan on picking it up one day, when it goes on sale for ~50%.


"Just like dark souls" huh? Of course it’s just like dark souls. I hear it’s also like crash bandicoot and cuphead…
Okay, I get what you mean but the phrase “just like dark souls” is waaaaaay too overused.

Never said it was “just like Dark Souls.” I posted the actual description for the game and was seeking opinions from other Dark Souls fans, as I was considering purchasing it at the time.

I agree with you though, souls-like is definitely overused. Here’s an interesting article on the subject from PC Gamer:


I forgot it existed, Fextralife has an early build review on their channel, it sounded good for what I heard.

Dark Souls is too hard to finished.But I would like try a good game.

Came across this article this morning and thought it’d be worth sharing here in light of the overuse of dark souls as difficulty signifier.

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The issue is that using games, even series, to describe other games is lazy journalism (as mentioned in the above article). I haven’t played Dark Souls so it means nothing to me*. If I describe Axiom Verge as a Metroidvania what happens if you have no familiarity with either series? Fundamentally each game needs to be taken in isolation for the body of a review, and only later once a clear summary has been created should comparisons be made. Boss-rush is a little better but still slightly opaque given Cuphead’s actual gameplay (and commonly seen videos).

Even if you’re amazing at hard games you’re still able to recognise them as hard. If you can’t adequately transcribe this it’s your failing and not the game’s. Or your just an elitist dick…

.* Disclaimer - I played and finished (twice) my first Souls game, Demons Souls, last month. Not tried any others and don’t own a PS4. In fact this was the first PS3 game I’ve ever played.


*“wanted to reply”
-couldn’t keep it brief enough, nor stave of ranting in regard to “dark souls of games” :unamused:
*refrains instead

hi all, how are you all doing?, any other posts we should revive while we’re at it? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

@DanosaurJr did ya ever get around to that hyper light drifter yet? i didn’t :blush:
(no surprise there tho given my current “addiction”) :smile:

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I’ve abandoned it a couple of miles ahead from the end. And now, whenever I try to beat it, I become painfully aware that I’ve lost the touch. I’m with you, bro! To the infinite gaming time and over!

When I saw the name I thought of another game. Guess this title would fit it more instead of UnDungeon.

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I’m ashamed to say I still haven’t gotten around to playing this amazing game.

Been so busy lately that, when I do have time for games, I find myself gravitating towards those that require minimal thought/effort - like @Fraggles nightly chillout games.

But I will get to it before the end of the year. I promise you that :wink:

You mean Grim Dawn? Hasn’t it been months since you started down that path?

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Yuuup, :grin:
2 months since bought it, but “only” logged a measly 300+hours :blush:
(don’t ask me if even even “fully” finished the game yet) :joy:

once in a while i manage to tear my self lose, and play another game for a little while, maybe :wink:
-until that dragon beckons to be chased again :rofl:

-consider me thoroughly down the rabbit hole

soo much to do, things to try, secrets to find, all that treasure to get!, -and children to orphan :crazy_face:


has anyone mentioned Nioh or salt and sanctuary? because they’re my favourites. if you haven’t played them give 'em a try. s&s is f’ing brutal though, Im only at zone two.

also is bloodbourne two real or did I lucid dream the advert for it one time?


:+1: for Salt & Sanctuary. Game is essentially Dark Souls in 2D.