Curious about coin shop pricing

I am wondering if there is any rhyme or reason to the value of games in the coin shop. The latest game “There’s Poop In My Soup” (which sounds utterly disgusting, btw) is valued at 3000 coins. The retail price for this game on Steam is 99 cents. Meanwhile, games like Circa Infinity (3000 coins) and DustForce (2000 coins) retail on Steam for $9.99. Even games like Reigns (1500 coins), One Finger Death Punch (1000 coins), and CAT Interstellar (a mere 250 coins) all cost more on Steam than the poop game. This just doesn’t make sense to me. Why would I spend 3000 coins on a game I could get for 99 cents when those same 3000 coins could be used to get a game that retails for $9.99?


The difference I think stems from the fact that when those games were put up, people had a lot less coins. Now even people that bought games before are floating 10k+ coins.

Back then the decision was (barring CAT which I think it may have been a typo in the pricing that the staff missed): “Do I spend most if not all of my coins on this game?”
Now the question is: “How willing am I to give up a quarter of my coins on a small game, knowing I’d probably still be able to afford another few games after that anyway?”


I don’t think CAT was a mistake, when I read the steam page it seems as though it’s a 15 minute demo of a game in very early access.

Reverse Crawl was my third game from the coin shop and I still have almost one thousand coins left, also on day 13 of a streak, so yeah I think increasing the ‘cost’ of games given how many coins are floating around is probably just Chrono learning what works best as they go.


Dang if it weren’t for this post showing up in “new” I wouldn’t have even realised that new games were added.

Luckily I’m not interested in either of them.

But anyways, yeah I think the prices are still experimental and are in the 3000 - 4000 range atm to help get rid of more coins.

I’ve had Reverse Crawl on my wishlist for ages (I think since TB did a video on it) so I was super happy when I happened to wake up very early and decided to check the shop and see it was at only 10%. Made a rather undignified sound when I saw it.

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