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Drop your thoughts down below about this. It has battle royale now and it’s free…


If that’s not the f2p version with bots and watching tournaments … there’s the answer for all the ppl wondering what will valve do to fight epic games launcher.


hmm interesting I’ll give it a try then.


I don’t think it’s the version with bots that was released before, you can play against players too as far as i know. Downloading it now to check it out.
But yeah, they got the answer…


I don’t like the game at all because it’s not my style of FPS but that’s good news I think… I find steam to be far better than the majority of game service clients.


I’m not gonna play it but it’s probably a good thing for the community.
CS:GO going f2p 6 years later is certainly more okay than Battlefield 5 going f2p 2 weeks after launch…


I wonder how the people at Tencent feels about this with ROE recently becoming the top F2P BR on steam now then to only just find out there player base could shrink big time because of this if the new CSGO mode takes off and doesn’t feel like a money grab. but i guess the good side of it, it would mean both Valve and Tencent would be innovating more in the BR genre fighting for the top spot.


Would you look at that, I’ve been very curious as to why this game is so popular, I finally be able to check it out for my self… after I clear enough room for it… if ever.


Going F2P is a little slap in the face for people that paid for it, but I‘m glad the rumors were true about the battle royale mode as I have yet to find one I can run and CSGO should do the trick! Will check that out tomorrow!


I used to be a big CSGO player (almost 1k hours, which isn’t that much community-wise, but huge for me), and i love that game though i don’t play it anymore, but i fail to see how CSGO could ever provide a good basis for a good BR, lol, and i do love the BR genre, but i think CS is too “stiff” for the fluidity that the genre requires, but we’ll soon see i guess


Competitive shooter? The game could pay me $60 and I still wouldn’t install it. :confused:


Well, a bit surprised it’s only 16 players in BR; hopefully they’ll expand that player count.

It plays rly well I must admit, and it’s a rush; just won my first game (4th attempt) with my last frikkin bullet, lol, ammo is rly scarce i have to say


yeah i watched Shroud & JoshOG play it before watching the Game awards and Yeah it seems like its only one map so far,16 players, and you only get a very small amount of ammo, but if they start tweaked some of it soon it might be a fun fast pace casual BR.


I forgot how specific the mechanics are and how difficult it is to be good at it. Can’t just jump in and expect to do well because you’re well-versed in first-person-shooters. However, the battle royale mode is just a glorified free-for-all in my opinion, not really doing much for me.


y but, in deathmatch u just run around fraggin; this is way more tactical in that here u will pay close attention to sound, as that’s half of winning in this game mode, and u can actually heal and renew yr kevlar/helmet, and there is also a tactical element in going for frags vs laying low, deciding when and what to buy of equipment (or not buy at all as the drones give yr position away), and how much risk yr willing to take to get better loot or even go for special drops (they drop the best weapons)


was that BR thing a troll or it’s really there… oh gosh… if there’s a br with dem godlike CS mechanic… why did i had to read this post at work… now the day’s gonna be long aF


Some people thought it might be a troll, but no, it’s live and it’s there. :slight_smile:


i’m so gonna play during my lunch break… and im so gonna get in trouble… #WorthIT



Dunno mate, game has a few years old already, paying for 6 years of videogame for then having updates that bring even more people to a multiplayer game seems a good thing.

I would be completely fine if any multiplayer I own goes free since I could play with friends of mine there without making them spend money. For single player games, I just don’t care because doesn’t change anything.


That‘s why I said it‘s a little slap, but I agree.

It‘s just that CS:GO never lacked players. This is purely meant to get on the battle royale train and with more players generate more money from skins, stickers and whatever they do to drain your wallet.